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Pokemon TCG Online‘s previous expansion, Vivid Voltage, wasn’t the most impactful, with only a few valuable additions to the metagame, such as Jirachi, Coalossal VMAX, and Talonflame. The upcoming expansion, Shiny Star V, also promises to bring some great new cards that can see a lot of competitive play.

The Shiny Star V cards will release in February 2021 as part of the Shining Legends set, followed by cards from the Blastoise VMAX and Venusaur VMAX set, and the special set that contains Cramorant VMAX and Dhelmise VMAX.

Here are six of the most promising new Pokemon TCG Online cards in Shiny Star V.

Ditto V and Ditto VMAX

Ditto V

These two look like a pair that can be used in most decks as a great counter to some of the meta cards like ADP and Zacian V. Ditto V is pretty simple and has a nice ability that could make a good Ditto Toolbox Deck, but the VMAX is where things get real.

Ditto VMAX

Max Transform is honestly a match-winning move, especially when paired with Boss’s Orders.

You can use ADP‘s Altered Creation GX and create a level playing field. You can use Zacian V’s attack (230 damage) against itself (220 HP) and knock it out. Or you can use Coalossal V’s G-Max Boulder with just 3 Energy. The possibilities are endless

There are some Pokemon TCG Online decks – like Eternatus – in which this card will actually be a hindrance, as Eternatus VMAX does extra damage for each of your Dark type Pokemon in play.

Crobat VMAX

Crobat VMAX

Crobat VMAX looks pretty mad because we’ve been using Crobat V just to draw cards faster.

There’s nothing inherently special about this VMAX. The only reason why this is a good addition to the Pokemon TCG Online meta is because of how the V is used in almost every deck to draw more cards, and after being used, it just sits on your Bench waiting to be knocked out with a Boss’s Orders.

This doesn’t look like a good addition to an Eternatus deck because you want more basics on your Bench, but in a dedicated Poison deck, Crobat VMAX can do very well.

Yveltal (Amazing Rare)

Yveltal Amazing Rare

Yveltal is one of the best Amazing Rares in Pokemon TCG Online. I’m not that confident about having it as a usable card in every Dark deck, but it can be pretty dangerous with Weavile-GX. Quite a few people use Weavile in their Dark Toolbox decks in Expanded, as it can shift Energies between your Pokemon.

When paired with Weavile, Yveltal can be a deadly late-game attacker.

Rusted Sword

Rusted Sword Shiny Star V

For anyone expecting balance changes to improve the ADP/Z dominance in Standard, this is bad news.

As if introducing Aegislash V wasn’t enough, Steel decks are getting even more support with two absolutely broken Tool Cards. With Rusted Sword, Zacian V can now do 260 damage for three Energy.

Rusted Shield

Rusted Shield Shiny Star V

Zamazenta V, also a Steel type, will now be operating with +70 HP. The Pokemon is already immune to all VMAX opponents, and this will allow it to get tankier. It’s not as broken as Zacian V, and this doesn’t look like the Tool Card that deserves a spot on many Steel decks.

There are two more Amazing Rares in Shiny Star V that aren’t really good. However, they have interesting attacks and will be valuable for collectors.

Kyogre (Amazing Rare)

Kyogre Amazing Rare

On its own, Kyogre’s Amazing Surge looks pretty good. You can stack +30 damage on top of the 80 using Telescopic Sight, which would be pretty devastating if you can pull it off.

In a meta where Zacian V can do 230+ damage with just three of the same Energies, cards like Kyogre just aren’t worth the effort.

Reshiram (Amazing Rare)

Reshiram Amazing Rare

Reshiram struggles with the same issue as Kyogre. The three-Energy attack is great on its own, but the Energy cost ruins its potential.

In case of Yveltal, this wasn’t an issue because of the Double Colorless requirement and Weavile-GX’s support.

Verdict: how will Shiny Star V cards affect the meta?

Aside from being a fantasy for card collectors, Shiny Star V is just as good as Vivid Voltage for Pokemon TCG Online.

While these cards are great additions to existing decks, none of them except Ditto VMAX have the potential to start their own category of decks. Even with Ditto VMAX, you rely on your opponent not having specific attacks to be able to succeed. Not every attack can be mimicked to deal the same amount of damage.

For example, you can do 230 damage against a Zacian V and knock it out, but you can’t copy attacks when fighting against Mad Party or Eternatus VMAX. The Ditto pair will be a good 1-1 addition to other decks. In those decks, it can be the card that wins the match.

Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield are amazing and will see a lot of play. Although, does “amazing” really matter in decks that are already broken?

Shiny Star V will do well upon release, and prices will be inflated for a while. However, the value of packs will fall just as quickly, and Darkness Ablaze will be #1 once again.

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