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The only thing Charizard fears

Unseen Depths, mistakenly referred to as Hidden Depths by a large part of the community for no reason, is currently the ultimate meta-counter in Pokemon TCG Online.

Unseen Depths
Unseen Depths can be exchanged for 500 coins at the in-game shop.

The Theme Deck format is being dominated by the Relentless Flame deck with its quick draw power, easy evolutions, and ridiculous damage numbers. With Charizard and Rapidash being the deck’s primary attackers, the only real way to counter this deck hard is by using a water deck.

I’ve mained Relentless Flame for quite some time now, and going against Unseen Depths is the only thing that makes me auto-resign in Versus matches. Sure, I’ll give it a shot in Tournaments where I’ve used my precious Tickets to enter, but there’s no way I’m wasting my time trying to beat it in a regular match.

Unseen Depths – list of cards

Unseen Depths is almost entirely a Water-type deck, with the exception of the Ambipom line that has flexible energy requirements.

Best Pokemon in Unseen Depths

The primary attackers in this deck are Empoleon, Ambipom, Golduck, and Kyogre. Here’s everything the deck contains:

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon – 23

* 3 Aipom CEC 169
* 2 Ambipom CEC 170
* 2 Kyogre CEC 53
* 1 Phione CEC 57
* 3 Piplup CEC 54
* 3 Psyduck CEC 40
* 2 Pyukumuku UNB 53
* 2 Golduck CEC 41
* 3 Prinplup CEC 55
* 2 Empoleon CEC 56

##Trainer Cards – 17

* 2 Cynthia UPR 119
* 2 Hau CES 132
* 2 Lillie UPR 125
* 2 Pokémon Communication TEU 152
* 2 Pokémon Fan Club UPR 133
* 2 Roller Skater CEC 203
* 2 Switch CES 147
* 2 Tate & Liza CES 148
* 1 Viridian Forest TEU 156

##Energy – 20

* 18 Water Energy SMEnergy 12
* 2 Draw Energy CEC 209

Total Cards – 60

The best supporting cards

Draw Energy and Pokemon Communication are two of the best Trainer cards in this deck.

Trainer and Energy Cards

Draw Energy pairs well especially with Golduck: you can attach it, draw a card, attack, and get the Energy back in your hand. You can see the combo in action in my demonstration video for the deck.

Pokemon Communication is a better version of the popular Timer Balls, which flip a coin to fetch Evolution Pokemon. Roller Staker and Viridian Forest allow for great draw power, although Viridian Forest can be used by your opponent as well.

Setting up quickly with 2-Energy attackers

Golduck and Ambipom can single-handedly win the game for you if you’re able to set them up early on. Here’s an example:

Golduck is to Unseen Depths what Rapidash is to Relentless Flame: a quick Stage 1 evolution with a 2-Energy attack. Ambipom has a 2-Energy attack that deals 120 damage – just 10 short of Charizard’s attack – and it comes at a pretty manageable cost.

Pyukumuku is another good way to start the match, since it can help fetch Basics for you to set up your evolution lines. Kyogre might seem like the main attacker, but I found myself using it for stalling more than anything else. When I properly used it, it was around the end of the game where I used him for a final, hard-hitting attack. This is good if you pull it later on, but if it’s in your opening hand there isn’t much you can do with it.

Late game strengths and weaknesses

The Empoleon line is excellent. Empoleon has a great two-energy attack that deals 130 damage while discarding Energy cards, similar to Charizard’s attack. The difference is that while Charizard was able to fetch Energies with its ability (at the cost of 20 damage to itself), Empoleon has a single-Energy attack as well.

Here’s a sample match in which I was able to get the main Pokemon in play.

The flaws in this deck start to reveal themselves at times when you’re unable to set up Empoleon fast enough. Everything in this deck requires at least one Energy already attached to it for it to deal considerable damage. The cards in the deck are great, but doesn’t have enough synergy and never “gets going”, like Relentless Flame or Soaring Storm.

There aren’t enough gimmicky abilities and effects to keep it going. In Relentless Flame, you have Nidoqueen fetching whatever Pokemon you want, Rapidash having a chance for complete immunity for the next turn, and Charizard being able to fetch Energies from the deck and attach them to itself.

How strong is Unseen Depths against other meta decks?

The Theme meta in Pokemon TCG Online currently consists of a rock-paper-scissors relationship between Relentless Flame, Unseen Depths, and the Rillaboom deck. The fourth deck, Soaring Storm, isn’t super-effective or weak against any of these three.

Unseen Depths (Water) is incredible against Relentless Flame (Fire). It is extremely weak against the Rillaboom Deck (Grass), which barely anyone is using because it’s weak against Relentless Flame. Unseen Depths also doesn’t do too well against Soaring Storm and isn’t able to match its speed, Energy efficiency, and raw power.

Unseen Depths is good, but it’s not simple enough and lacks synergy. It’s certainly one of the top decks in Pokemon TCG Online right now, but it often feels clunky. Its real use is in Tournaments, where the outcome will come down to a coin flip: is your opponent using Relentless Flame or Soaring Storm?

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