Why support Pokemon are important in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

Support Pokemon can be an essential part of any rescue team in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. Many players focus on having all out attackers and forget how useful support Pokemon can be.

How are they helpful, you ask? Well, support Pokemon can learn moves to help you save on items such as Oran Berries, Heal Seeds, and much more. Additionally, they can make tough situations a whole lot easier to deal with. I will explain.

The first role support Pokemon fulfill is restoring HP. While Oran Berries are plentiful, it does take a lot of bag space to carry them around. Oran Berries also become less useful once your team starts having more than 100 HP. By bringing a Pokemon that can heal your team, you can cut Oran Berries out of your bag, allowing you to bring more useful items such as Empowerment Seeds or Petrify Orbs.

support Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

So what are some good healing moves?

The moves that heal all team members in a room are Morning Sun, Moonlight, Milk Drink and Soft Boiled. There are other moves that heal, such as Heal Pulse, but that only heals one Pokemon at a time. All the moves I listed heal all your Pokemon in one turn. These moves also have a chance to be used twice in a row at the cost of one PP. Of all these moves, Moonlight and Morning Sun are the best. They can heal twice as much in harsh sunlight – this means you can combine Sunny Day or Drought with Moonlight/Morning Sun for better healing support.

Next we have moves that can cure status conditions. This is the most important role of a support Pokemon. Status conditions are present in all dungeons, and can be incredibly deadly, and difficult to prevent. Instead of trying to stock up on Heal Orbs, Heal Seeds, or status clearing berries, get a support Pokemon! The status clearing moves are Heal Bell and Aromatherapy, and they both affect your entire team when used. I can tell you from my experience, dungeons have been a lot less stressful since I stopped having to worry about status conditions.

status clear support Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

If you are looking for a support Pokemon to act as a portable Pokemon center, these are your choices: Vileplume, Gloom, Umbreon, Espeon, Miltank, Chansey, or Mew. All these Pokemon can learn moves that restore HP and clear status conditions. The easiest of these Pokemon to get is Vileplume, since you can recruit an Oddish and evolve it into Vileplume.

As for the others, they are harder to obtain since they only spawn in difficult dungeons. Some can be found fainted on floors and will join your team if you give them an apple. But trying to find a specific Pokemon like that is almost impossible. Mew is the only Pokemon you have to fulfill specific requirements to recruit.

fainted pokemonHealing your team is not the only role of support Pokemon. They can also boost your team’s stats or protect them. To increase the speed at which you do dungeons, bring Agility or Tailwind. These moves increase your entire team’s movement speed, allowing you to travel faster and have the upper hand in combat. If you would rather boost other stats, use Acupressure instead. Just remember that all stat changes will reset when you move to the next floor.

The best move for boosting attack or special attack is Helping Hand. When this move is used, it affects your entire team and can double the damage everyone does, making dungeons a breeze as you can one shot anything in your way. Many Pokemon can learn Helping Hand, including Umbreon and Esperon. It allows them to not only heal your team, but boost stats as well.


What about reducing damage? The most popular moves for that purpose are Light Screen and Reflect. These moves only last a few turns, but do have a big impact on reducing damage. While they are not worth bringing for easy dungeons, they can turn the tide during a boss fight and monster houses. I would only bring these moves when I know I am going to encounter tough enemies.

Quick Guard and Wide Guard are two more supporting moves that help protect your team. Both help protect your team from ranged moves and moves that hit the entire room. This makes them incredibly useful for boss fights, since most boss fights consist of ranged and AOE attacks. However, they can be useful in dungeons where you know enemies have moves such as Earthquake. Moves that hit the entire room are the most dangerous to your team. So having Wide Guard or Quick Guard to counter them is a good idea.

quick guard

Knowing now what support Pokemon can do, you can see how they fulfill such an important role on a team. They can act as a portable Pokemon center to keep your team healthy on long and difficult dungeons. Alternatively, they can boost your team’s stats, allowing you to breeze through enemies. Or they can protect your team, making boss fights and monster houses a lot easier to deal with.

There are options for every role, and which support to use in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is up to you.

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