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Rainbow Six NA Shuffle: Who moved at the transfer deadline?

The Rainbow Six NA shuffle has officially begun! With the Pro League transfer window ending last Sunday, several teams swapped players to try and salvage their Season 11 chances. While teams can wait to make an announcement on who they’ve added, several players have already been revealed. Let’s take a look at who went where so far in the Rainbow Six NA shuffle.

Team Reciprocity: +b1ologic, +Slashug

Team Reciprocity needed two players to fill the holes made when Alexander “Retro” Lloyd and Zachary “Nyx” Thomas were benched and then dropped. Enter Khalil “b1ologic” Pleas and Oliver “Slashug” Spencer. The two have seen their fair share of NA Pro League and help round out a REC roster brimming with veteran R6 talent.

Team Reciprocity bring on b10logic and Slashug in the Rainbow Six NA shuffle

Khalil “b1ologic” Pleas

Pleas returns to Pro League after being a free agent since Aug 2019. He left Team SoloMid to deal with personal matters after a two month stint with the team. However, vague claims from other NA pros of drama left a dark cloud over his departure.

Pleas has bounced between Pro League and Challenger league. He’s played professionally with defunct teams like Excelerate Gaming, 1nFamy and Vertical. Most recently, he joined forces with former ExG and TSM teammate Tommy “Krusher” Samuel on ExG2.0 for the SI2020 NA qualifier. Unfortunately, the team failed to make it past the second round of the qualifier loser’s bracket.

Oliver “Slashug” Spencer

Spencer is a longtime veteran of the North American pro scene. He has quite the pedigree as a former member of eRa Eternity and longtime member of Rogue’s former American squad. During Spencer’s time with the org, Rogue won DreamHack Valencia 2019, US Nationals 2018 and NAPL Season 7. Rogue was a consistent team in North America until last year where the team struggled to find it’s footing.  Spencer joined Luminosity Gaming in Nov. 2019 after two years with Rogue. LG went on to take fourth at OGA Season 3 and second at the SI2020 NA qualifier with Spencer in the lineup. However, the team fell in the quarterfinals at USN 2019 and ended the first half of Pro League Season 11 in sixth place. Spencer reunites with former Rogue teammate Franklyn “VertcL” Cordero in REC.

While Pleas has not seen Pro League action for several months, he is an experienced R6 pro who could bounce back in a big way since his absence. He is a good pickup for a REC squad needing a fifth player for a second half push. Spencer rounds out a lineup full of veteran talent and is player REC can rely on. With these pickups, REC has the potential to return to form as one of NA’s hottest Siege teams. So far, they seem like the winners of the Rainbow Six NA shuffle.

Luminosity Gaming: +Jarvis, -Slashug

Luminosity Gaming has been an unpredictable team since mid 2019 when they entered the scene. The team narrowly missed the Raleigh Major in their first LAN showing as LG. LG remained in the middle of the NA pack for most of the year, save for a poor showing at DreamHack Montreal. The team slid hard in the first half of Pro League Season 11, going 1-3-3 and losing to a soft Evil Geniuses. However, they managed to pull off draws against Team SoloMid and Spacestation Gaming. They even looked strong at the SI2020 NA qualifiers, placing second behind SSG and narrowly missing their chance at the Invitational.

With Oliver “Slashug” Spencer being poached by Team Reciprocity, LG decided to take a chance on free agent and NA scene old-timer Sam “Jarvis” Jarvis.

Luminosity gain Jarvis but lose Slashug in the Rainbow Six NA shuffle

Sam “Jarvis” Jarvis

Jarvis has seen his fair share of Pro League action. He’s played for the likes of Flipsid3, SK Gaming, DarkZero and TSM since 2016. He helped lead TSM to a win at DreamHack Montreal 2019 before being benched for Aaron “Gotcha” Chung. Jarvis then went on to win with Team Canada at the Canadian Nationals 2019.

Jarvis is an underrated pro who brings much to the table with his years of experience. His return to the pro scene is one that LG fans should welcome with open arms. The loss of Spencer’s veteran guidance from LG was quickly evened out with the signing of Jarvis.

But with Spencer gone and Jarvis filling big shoes, will it be enough to keep LG from going under? I think Jarvis will exceed expectations for LG. He’s a reliable player who comes in as another veteran presence for Luminosity after losing that in Spencer. While I don’t think the pickup will boost LG far in the rankings, Jarvis will help the team stay afloat in the free-for-all of NAPL Season 11. LG is certainly a team to keep an eye on in the second half of Pro League. After exciting at the SI2020 qualifiers, who knows what LG is capable of in the new year with Jarvis on their side.

EUnited: +Bagel, -Xecration

EUnited joined the Rainbow Six pro scene last December with the acquisition of several former Obey Alliance players and their coach Jacob “XecratioN” Campbell. They upped the ante by picking up Alexander “Yeti” Lawson, Léo “Alphama” Robine and stand-in Read “Read” Adams. The org has landed middle of the pack in its first PL season. Looking to shake things up for a second half push, EUnited dropped Campbell in favor of former TSM coach “Bagel”.

EUnited drop XecratioN and snag Bagel in the Rainbow Six NA shuffle

Jacob “Xecration” Campbell

Campbell has been a member of the Rainbow Six competitive scene for several years. He’s played with the likes of Nomads and ’92 Dream Team before becoming a coach for Obey Alliance and EU. He helped lead Obey to first place in Challenger League Season 10 and fourth at the SI2020 NA qualifiers. After moving over to EUnited, the team under Campbell landed in fifth place of NAPL Season 11.

Had Bagel not been released by TSM, I doubt EUnited would have dropped Campbell before season’s end. The team exceeded expectations in it’s first season of Pro League under his guidance. Expect Campbell back in a coaching position soon.


The mysterious “Bagel” is one of North America’s hottest coaches right now. He’s worked with the likes of EnD Gaming and MKers since debuting as a coach in early 2019. Bagel’s fresh off coaching Team SoloMid to a third place finish at the Six Invitational 2020. TSM also secured first place in the first half of NAPL Season 11 with him as coach. TSM decided not to renew his contract despite the success, which Bagel claimed was due to “mismatching personalities“. Although the departure stirred some drama, EUnited decided to take a chance on a fresh NA coach who may be able to give them the same edge that helped drive TSM further up the rankings.

Overall, this is a fantastic pickup for EUnited. Bagel had a team packed with star power to work with at TSM when he joined. While EU may not have that same pedigree, a new coach could be just what the team needs to stay competitive in Pro League and attract talent at the end of season 11 if they decide to shuffle their roster.

NA keeps on shuffling

The Rainbow Six NA shuffle is far from over. Teams still have plenty of time to announce changes they made before the transfer window or sign on free agents from outside of Pro League. Be sure to check out our other articles on the biggest roster moves since SI2020. Stay tuned to SQUAD for more info on what the Rainbow Six off season has in store.

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