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Rainbow Six pro Flynn on signing with Mirage and his journey

Rainbow Six pro Flynn – aka Rob Flynn – has had quite a journey through the Siege esports scene. From Challenger League player to caster to being a player in the inaugural season of Canadian Division, Flynn has been deeply involved with the pro scene. I sat down with Flynn to discuss signing with Mirage, his experience with the pro scene, and the the upcoming Canadian Division.

SQUAD: How did you get started with Rainbow Six?

Flynn: When the beta came out for Siege, my friend Cody picked it up and was just solo queuing. He said “Thought I’d try this game, it was free… It looks pretty cool, why don’t you come join me.” We played probably 40 straight games on House in the beta. Then we found the other two maps that we didn’t know existed, and had a panic attack.

So that was my first introduction to Siege. I thought, “This is a fun game me and Cody can play in our off time.” Fast forward four and a half years, I’ve been around the world and met some incredible people because of this game, and I’ll never forget that. Now I’m being given the opportunity to play [Rainbow Six Siege] for a living. I can’t thank everyone involved enough for that.

What has been your experience in the R6 pro scene?

I’ve been a caster for professional Siege for the past two years and now I’m going back to playing. I was a competitive player for Siege in 2016 and 2017, way before I started casting. It’s always been my passion to compete, I’ve played competitive sports my entire life. I took a few too many injuries to keep playing physical sports, but esports have definitely become my passion over the past couple of years.

I was just in North American Challenger League this past season. That was my highest peak as a player. Being a caster, you get to hang around a lot of the players and you get to pick up on a lot of things that they talk about in terms of their games, their strategies, their preparation for big moments. You get a lot of very close access to some of the greatest talents in the entire world just by being perched on their shoulders.

What’s your main role in Rainbow Six Siege?

I’m a through-and-through support player, it’s always been that way, ever since I started playing competitively. I’ve just found much more of a sweet spot being in the back half of the field. My communication is really what I pride myself on, being able to help direct the team, but also relay info across the map to my players.

Who are the players you’ve joined forces with on the Mirage roster?

In terms of our full roster, we have Chase “NotLoading” Neely, Peter “Silent” Christie-Cnossen, Alexandre “Quartz” Moranta and Kyle “Zilchy” Wrigglesworth.

Rainbow Six pro Flynn and the entire Mirage roster

Have you guys decided on a team captain or in-game leader at all?

The way we’ve run our teams in the past, we’ve always done things by committee. In terms of IGLing, that will be [Neely], one of my best friends in the entire world. We were on Shrug together in CL, we were on POWERHAUS together in 2016, and we played Cyberathlete Championship Series all the way from the beginning. It’s very familiar being on a team with him and having him direct us in-game. We also have [Christie-Cnossen] as our second IGL to make mid-round calls, so there’s a little bit of a committee there in terms of voices.

We haven’t really voted on team captain yet. I think that will need to be a full team vote, but we’re a very democratic team [and everyone] can each step up in terms of responsibility.

With the new operation out shortly, how is Mirage preparing for the Canadian Division?

We’ve been playing quite a lot of the test server to adjust to all the sweeping changes coming across the board.  I think there’s good changes, but I think there are some tweaks that need to be made. New operators coming out being a little strong has been a pattern forever.

The proximity alarms are a cool new gadget. I think the ability to take 10 of them is a little annoying, hearing beep-boop all over the house. The fundamental core ideas that Ubisoft is trying to push forward with this new update, I really can’t find a gripe with any of them.

What are you thoughts on Ace and Melusi, the two latest R6 operators announced?

Any time a hard breacher has been added, there’s been a massive shakeup. Whether it’s been Hibana or Maverick, there’s a lot of opportunity for the entire meta [of how you play a map] to shift. A new hard breacher is going to shock the core of how the game is played, so I don’t think there’s any predicting how that’s going to pan out.

I do see a lot of complaints about [the defender] Melusi. It’s another thing to blow up, but what isn’t. It’s like everything put in the game nowadays is another thing to blow up on the attack. Just add it to the rest; is it any different from anything else that slows you down? I don’t find much gripe with the defender’s gadget.

What’s your personal goal as a player going into the first season of the Canadian Division?

My goal is to play as many games against the best teams in the world as I can. No matter where I have to be to do that, no matter who I have to be playing against, no matter who I have to go through. Whether it’s in the Canadian Division, regional qualifiers, group stage of a major or at the Six Invitational. It doesn’t matter who I’m going up against, I just want to play against the best every single day.

How excited are you to take this next step in your R6 career?

It’s going to be big for me, honestly. This is going to be fun. I’ve talked at length about the feeling of going up on a stage to cast in front of that big game, but man, there is nothing like competing. There is nothing like that feeling you get when you’re with your team, competing against the best.

Casting was fun, don’t get me wrong. I had some amazing, amazing memories casting and I’ll never forget them. But oh baby, when you’re actually playing the game… it’s a whole new world.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans of Mirage who are eagerly awaiting your first match?

You guys are going to be introduced to a whole new style of team that’s really kind of goofy on the inside. I think our personalities are a little eccentric at times, but we can be lovable as well. All we’re going to go out there and do is make sure we don’t disappoint you, the fans, and you can rep us and be proud of us at the end of the day.

Is there anything you’d like to say to Canadian Rainbow Six fans and upcoming talent as we round the corner for a new era of pro Rainbow Six?

Anyone who’s skeptical of watching the games, it’s not going to be what you expect. Regardless of what happens, they will still be incredibly fun games to watch. I know there’s a lot of Siege going on around the world right now, and there’s a million different leagues to focus on. There’s a whole bunch of new teams and new players you need to learn about, but I urge you to give the Canadian Division a shot.

[This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.]

SQUAD would like to thank Rob “Flynn” Flynn for taking the time to chat with us! Stay tuned to SQUAD for more coverage of the Rainbow Six Canadian Division when it launches this summer.

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