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Rainbow Six Quarantine Wishlist: What we want to see in the new Rainbow Six game

Was Team Rainbow trained for this?

Rainbow Six Quarantine will most likely launch before April 2020. With the next iteration of the Rainbow Six saga on the horizon, fans are excited to see what it will bring. The game seems like an expansion on the Outbreak game mode which was available for play during Operation Chimera. It was a nice and exciting departure from the slow, methodical gameplay of Siege. It will be exciting to see how they build onto this idea of an infection with our Operators at the center of the recovery efforts. 

There are a few things I am hoping to see from this new standalone title. These additions would help with flow while sticking somewhat to the dynamics of Siege while also capitalizing on the popularity of other FPS games.

“Executing phase shift”

Seeing as this seems to be a Rainbow Six take on the zombie infection staple, it would need faster gameplay. Prep phases would still be useful in terms of a defense mode, keeping with the Siege theme. The teaser showed off infection progression which would be interesting if included in the phases. Perhaps a “cure hunt” phase could lead to a new area, which would be followed by successive prep and action phases? 

Rainbow Six Quarantine
The infection spreading with some sort of a self-administration device for medicine – resembling Finka’s nanobot trigger.

Turncoat? Or just turned

To tie in to the last idea, what if you cannot find a dose in time? An operator could lose their humanity and become fully infected, turning on their old squadmates. As an infected, they would lose their weapons, but gain new abilities in the wake of their transformation. Maybe the infection affects non-biological matter too, merging the operators with their gadgets. Alternatively, operators can turn on their squad, finding the cure to sell to the highest bidder. These would give Quarantine another form of enemy to watch out for, besides the normal infected.

“Wait a minute… who ARE you?”

Quarantine would benefit from having new unique operators, separate from Rainbow SixSiege. It would help to distinguish itself as its own entity since some Siege operators would definitely make an appearance. It would be nice to see new or upgraded abilities tailored to fit the new situation. Think of it in terms of how Heroes of the Storm has characters from other Blizzard games, each with abilities they already had in their own games as well as new abilities fit for the MOBA setting.

If the game is going in a more RPG-esque route, it would be nice for each available operator to have their own attributes to help out with. That would make it similar to games like Don’t Starve Together or Fallout, wherein you would choose operators based on their skills.

Class is now in session

Going off my the previous idea, a class system based on each operator’s skills and ability would be cool as well. Quarantine could adapt the Overwatch class system, and I can already imagine where some operators would go within it. Finka, Rook and Doc are easy fit for Support, while Pakpkan, Lesion and Ela would be Trappers. Castle and Maestro can be Reinforcement or Defense, and Dokkaebi, Vigil and Warden will be Tech. We don’t yet know how Quarantine would work exactly, but class systems are always helpful to streamline gameplay and teach mechanics.

Tachanka branching campaign meme
Don’t think Tachanka will forget the way you treated him anytime soon.

*Tachanka will remember that*

Branching campaign paths based around objectives is an intriguing concept, if implemented well. I may be getting too ambitious with this wishlist, but hear me out. Imagine a mission system in which players could choose one priority target over another. Maybe a time constraint forces you to grab more medicine over securing an area somewhat like Dead Rising?  Maybe if you miss the medicine, you lose a VIP, which would play into the infection premise in the teaser.

“A really big f**kin’ hole coming right up”

Being able to use the environment to advantage would be a massively fun component in Quarantine gameplay. Similar to destruction in Siege, players would be able to destroy their environment for an advantage. Maybe you can set off an explosive in a hallway to create an obstacle between you and the creatures? You could blast a hole in a wall to shoot through and get the drop on enemies. Placing equipment in areas you regularly cannot reach – unless you break your way through. Being able to change the map to fit your tactics could be massively fun.

It’s hard not to speculate, now that we are mere months away from Rainbow Six Quarantine. With the Rainbow Six Invitational coming up next month, hopefully we will hear more about the gameplay of Quarantine, as well as how Siege will be changing with the new dev team. Keep an eye out for our coverage of the Invitational, and let us know what you would like to see in Quarantine in the comments!

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