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Rainbow Six Siege dev team to be replaced

The end of an era

The core Rainbow Six Siege dev team will be moving on to other Ubisoft projects. Lead development of the game will move into the hands of Leroy Athanassoff and a new set of veteran Rainbow Six devs. The original core team worked closely with the new group for a few weeks to ensure Siege carries on in the right direction. Siege creative director Xavier Marquis and brand and esports director Alexandre Remy are confident in the ability of the new team, and are looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

With Siege being four years in, the game seems to be slowing down. New operators were not bringing much new to the table, and maps were being reworked rather than developed. With a new team comes new life and players will be waiting to see where the game ends up.

New dev team, new goals

The new core team has stated that expanding the Siege universe is a priority for them. Their other priorities include a focus on creating community content in line with what the community wants. What exactly that means is unknown, and we will have to wait and see. It is likely this will cover everything from cosmetics, to operators, to map reworks and creation. More info is still set to come over the course of the Rainbow Six Invitational in February. The Invitational will run from the 14th to the 16th. 

With the departure of the original team, it is interesting to speculate where their talent will be directed. The likely outcome will be that Rainbow Six Siege’s main team will be moved to the upcoming Rainbow Six Quarantine. 

Rainbow Six Quarantine: E3 2019 Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

New games on the horizon

Rainbow Six Quarantine is a 3-player co-op FPS set several years after the events in Rainbow Six Siege. The game draws inspiration from the Outbreak game mode players saw back in 2018 during Operation Chimera. Quarantine will likely function as some sort of expansion on that mode, bringing these events into their own canon. In Quarantine, squads of 3 operators will have to work together to hold off against an alien parasite bent on infecting the planet. The new foray into the Rainbow Six universe will be a standalone title, releasing in early 2020. 

It would make sense for the old dev team to move to Quarantine given their experience with Siege. Alternatively, the team could be split up and moved to work across different games in Ubisoft’s library. Ubisoft has many titles currently slated for a 2020 release, Quarantine and the eagerly awaited Watch Dogs: Legion being among them. It will be interesting trying to spot ideas and in-jokes linking their properties together as teams shift and come together. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for our coverage of the Rainbow Six Invitational. We will also be covering Ubisoft’s upcoming releases in the new year, so be sure to stick around for that!

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