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Rainbow Six Siege is running out of operator ideas and it shows

The road to mundanity is paved with recycled ideas

This may be shocking for some to hear, but Ubisoft may be running out of operator ideas for Rainbow Six Siege. Now I know, I am probably wrong, but hear me out. With the release of Kali and Wamai in Operation Shifting Tides, it really feels like Ubisoft is already recycling their ideas.

Operators like Kali, Wamai, Kaid, Nokk – and a few others – feel like operators we had in the game already. The difference between them and previous operators mostly consist of updates on a few parts of their kits. The operators themselves are useful – except for Warden – but there is nothing that is really *new*. Kali is like Ubisoft fused Ash and Glaz together to make a breaching sniper. Wamai is essentially Jäger but with fancy single use Mag-NETs. And Nokk is just Vigil, no two ways around it.

Ubisoft has stated that they want to release at least 100 operators before considering moving forward with a sequel. If a sequel to Rainbow Six Siege comes out in the near future, it may be tricky to make it sustainable. While it is definitely possible, it would make things difficult to keep all operators fresh without making others obsolete. With recent operator releases, lots of the older ones simply have no reason to be chosen. The new operators have taken old abilities and made them more efficient than their older release counterparts.

This meme will have to be changed to Kali, are you happy now Ubisoft?

I understand that coming up with these new operators consistently for every update is difficult. Trying to develop fresh kits is a big task. Lots of other games – especially competitive team games like League of Legends or Paladins – struggle with the same issue. And while there are lots of great ideas out there for new operators, understandably Ubisoft cannot use these ideas. But that does not mean they cannot build and draw inspiration from them.

I admit, I am definitely intrigued by a lot of the new operators coming out. Some of them definitely change enough of the gameplay to be fun and still feel somewhat fresh. Kali is still actually really interesting, even though I recognize that she is just a fusion of two operators. I am just slightly irked at the feeling that as Ubisoft releases new characters, the older ones become obsolete. I started playing Siege at launch on my PS4, and I remember loving Glaz and Bandit for what they were. Now here I am, 186 hours logged on Siege on PC. And while I could play my old favorites I really cannot see why I would. There are now newer and more efficient versions of those options in Kali and Kaid. It just doesn’t feel the same, and in terms of tactical advantage it is not even close.

I hope as time goes on Ubisoft is still able to produce novel characters. I’m looking forward to seeing what they release on their mission to 100 operators, and what kinds of changes they make to keep people coming back to the game.

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