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Rainbow Six Siege will fix Clash exploit in the next update

Ubisoft announced a new Clash exploit fix that will see the operator return just in time for the next major Rainbow Six Siege update.

Rainbow Six community manager u/UbiNoty details that Clash will be repaired and reintroduced in a short post on Reddit. This fix will be a part of the Y4S4.2 patch, which is coming soon to live servers. No mention of a timeline for this update was made, but Ubisoft promised players more announcements soon. Clash was disabled after an exploit was found that made her almost invincible during gun fights.

When using the exploit, Clash’s shield would appear to remain up while allowing players to fire her secondary weapon. Videos quickly surfaced of Clash running head on into gunfights with her shield out. Her pistol or SMG were often invisible to spectators and unsuspecting players.

However, she was still able to fire on enemies while still blocking any bullets sent head on. This caused a stir among the Rainbow Six Siege community that left Ubisoft with no choice but to disable Clash at the start of last December. See for yourself in the clip below:

Clash Glitch is Back?

From one Clash exploit to the next

This isn’t the first time Rainbow Six devs have thrown the off switch on Clash in matchmaking. Deployable shields, claymores and Clash were all taken down in May of last year due to similar bugs. The claymore glitch mainly involved using IQ’s drone, claymore and gadget to make her invisible in matches. Glitching deployable shields to block enemy gunfire and shoot at the same time has been a recurrent issue in Rainbow Six patches.

The first Clash exploit fix seemed to do the trick, until late last year when it was rediscovered.  Hopefully the Rainbow Six dev team has finally narrowed down the cause of this new exploit this time around.

Getting this Clash exploit fix right will be a major concern for Ubisoft, with the last season of Siege’s fourth year winding down, and the Six Invitational tournament coming up. The last thing Ubisoft needs while announcing a fifth year of new content is community accusations of a broken game.

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