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Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Steel Wave update is packed with changes

New operators and tweaks are coming soon

Rainbow Six Siege fans are in for a treat when Operation Steel Wave drops later this year. The studio recently unveiled the newest expansion and what players should expect.

Meet Ace and Melusi

The two operators joining the roster are Ace and Melusi, and they sound like very welcome additions to Siege. Ace is an attacker that feels slightly similar to Hibana due to his ability. Ace uses the S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher, which can attach to reinforced walls, before taking them apart in one row below another. For players who don’t like it when operator abilities remove only one section of a barricade, Ace is here to remedy those problems. The downside seems to be that it takes some time before the Aqua Breacher rolls down to the next portion of the wall.

Melusi is a defender that will cause players to adjust the volume on their headsets. Equipped with the Banshee Sonic Defense, Melusi is able to slow down players with a screech that disorients opponents. Not only will the device alert your team as to where the enemy is, but it also acts as an equivalent to barbed wire, which will make it difficult for the opposing teams to run around.

House is remodeled and better than ever

I don’t know about you, but map reworks are one of my favorite things about Rainbow Six Siege. The development team listens to fans and sometimes makes changes that we don’t expect. For better or worse, map reworks are interesting because they completely change the dynamic of a map we’ve known for a long time.

House is a map that my group consistently enjoys playing, but it’s not without faults. Ubisoft is adding new rooms to House while tweaking existing ones. One of the more intriguing changes is that only one of the garage doors is destructible, which is a pretty drastic change for those who know that map.

The first item we need to discuss is the size of the house itself. With this rework, not only have some of the existing areas been made bigger, we also added an entirely new section on the South side, with two rooms on each floor and a staircase to connect them. With this new space, everyone will have more space to move and breathe, but we were also able to add a new Bomb site in TV Room and Music Room.

Many other areas have changed, but three required special attention. Firstly, Garage has been revamped, with only one of its doors being destructible and a new barricade being added to give a different access option, while still making a Defuser plant harder. Secondly, what was once Workshop is now a finished Girls’ Room with an attached walk-in closet. Thirdly, lines of sight have been reduced on the North side of the building, with the main door being blocked off and the shuttered window replaced with a hallway.”

Operator changes

It’s not a new expansion without some operators getting tweaked as well. The highlight is that Amaru will have new animations that will also change how she breaches through windows. Everybody loves when she lunges through boarded windows, but now, according to Ubisoft, it’ll be even cooler. Barricades break as she slams through them, and she’ll breach hatches during her action, so players don’t have to break them before proceeding anymore.

Clash, Echo, Finka, Kaid, Kali, Nomad, Oryx, Ela, Zofia, and Ying all have tweaks incoming. Here are some notable highlights.

Amaru Operation Steel Wave
Amaru gets a new tweak in Operation Steel Wave that alters her animation when breaching windows.

Oryx loses five health points when using the wall busting ability, instead of ten. Echo’s concussion effect no longer shakes the camera. Ying now only has three candelas instead of the normal four. Ubisoft points out that this is only out for consoles, since the change for Ying has been in effect since April.

Rainbow Six Siege continues to update and improve as a tactical shooter. Between the new operators, House map rework, and tweaks to existing operators, players have plenty to look forward to and learn. You can check out the full patch notes regarding the new content and some more quality of life updates on the official website.

Do you like Rainbow Six Siege? Who are your favorite operators? Are you looking forward to Operation Steel Wave? Let us know what you want to see next from Rainbow Six Siege and if you’re excited for the upcoming Rainbow Six Quarantine!

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