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The new Rainbow Six Siege mode is a Hyper Scape conspiracy


You may or may not have seen the new M.U.T.E Protocol mode for Rainbow Six: Siege wherein you play kitted out robo-operators that can literally teleport using their drones. You may have looked at this and thought “Oh wow, that looks kinda cool” and you’d be right, of course.

But if you’re a Ubi-slave like me, you may have also noticed that Ubisoft is really leaning into the whole cyber-theme as of late. Or pretty much all the time; remember Far Cry 3: Blood DragonYeah, badass. Ubisoft is really just making their way through all the versions of the future.

Rainbow Six Siege - Official Mute Protocol Event Trailer

Starting off with Hyper Scape it’s in the name really. Hyper Scape takes place in a simulation where future-y things happen in the future. Yeah, it’s riveting isn’t it? Hyper Scape is a battle royale whereas Siege is a tactical shooter. The two games really don’t bear much resemblance, other than the current cyber-themed event. That said, this could just be a coincidence. The more likely scenario though? I think it’s all part of an elaborate scheme on Ubisoft’s part.

Yes, it seems Rainbow Six Siege is new to the cyber-world. All the events of the past have been more – well I want to say realistic, but I’d be lying. First we had Outbreak – a zombie/mutation themed event. Next came Mad House, a Halloween event held in the only valid version of House, then came Rainbow Is Magic – which we won’t talk about.

Point is, we’ve had lots of events with wildly different themes spanning from toys to westerns to world-ending viruses. The M.U.T.E Protocol is the newest in a long line of successful events, with the cyber theme just magically matching up with the release of a brand new battle royale from the same company.

My conclusion? Rainbow Six Siege and Hyper Scape take place in the same universe. The operators haven’t joined the simulation because of terrorists and the technological advancements have bled into the training. Rainbow Six Hyper Scape is canon now.

Or it’s just a coincidence, and Ubisoft Montreal devs were influenced by Hyper Scape. That one seems a lot more likely honestly.

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