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The Rainbow Six Siege Wamai dance will most likely return

Operation: Shifting Memes is in full go, and it just might convince Ubisoft to change their mind

Tragedy struck in the Rainbow Six Siege community earlier last month with the new Shifting Tides expansion. Yes, it is indeed true: Ubisoft has REMOVED Wamai’s dance “glitch” (or was it a feature? eh, semantics). As players previous discovered, Wamai “dance” due to the way his character works. When Wamai holds a throwable and leans side to the side, he swaps hands. This led to a groundbreaking discovery – here is a very helpful guide so you can understand what I mean, if you don’t already know.

Ubisoft’s endless quest to rid Siege of bugs lead to the removal of one of the most glorious happenings since Tachanka first became a god among men. The community mourns its loss, still ever so fresh. But hope is still on the horizon! In the past, Ubisoft have reverted changes after player feedback (pushback, rioting, etc. – again, semantics). 

Wamai-dance on Macie’s stream.. Hilarity ensues. from Rainbow6

The most famous case of this was when Ubisoft announced they would be censoring parts of Rainbow Six Siege in order to expand into “Asian territories”. Ubisoft faced heavy criticism from players and news outlets alike for pandering to the Chinese market. China happened to be the only territory to take issue with the original design. After outcry from fans, the decision was reversed just under three weeks later.  

Ubisoft also gave the BOSG gun the famed ACOG scope after months of clamoring from fans. There was also the added pressure of Siege Youtuber BikiniBodhi. All I am saying here is, this may not be the end for Wamai’s ability to cut a rug. Time (and fan blowback) will tell if Ubisoft adds Wamai’s dancing back as an official feature or not. In the meantime, I suppose we could just play the game as it should be. In all honesty though, it is way more fun to just mess around.

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