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6 beginner tips for new Realm Royale players

Your first steps in Realm Royale may be a little confused. As far as battle royales go, this one has a ton of systems and mechanics to learn. However, it is also one of the  most balanced ones, so if you are struggling, a bit of research and experimentation will absolutely help you find a way to win. And to help you get there sooner, here are some crucial Realm Royale beginner tips!

Drop strategically

Contrary to popular opinion, battle royales reward a slow and steady approach. Hot-dropping is gambling: you are throwing out your skills in favor of loot RNG when you do that. To have a fighting chance as a Realm Royale beginner, land somewhere away from Forges. Spend the time to gear up properly, then start picking fights.

Conversely, if you really want to hot drop and have a quick and sweaty game, drop in Lumberfall. Make sure to pick a movement ability talent that shields you on use, to give yourself that early edge.

You’re on high ground or you’re underground

As in other battle royales, the high ground is pretty important to hold in Realm Royale. For that reason and others, vertical mobility is key. Consider getting used to abilities like Soar and Heroic Leap even if you don’t play the associated classes. Heroic Leap is particularly great, since it is the only movement ability which does not interrupt your reload.

realm royale beginner

Pay attention to your surroundings

There are ways to detect enemies in Realm Royale before you see them. If you see items next to an unopened chest, that means an enemy opened it while you were near – and are probably still around. If a catapult spins on its own as you approach it, it’s not possessed – it’s resetting, because another player has already used it. And of course, if there’s smoke coming from a Forge, it means it’s currently being used.

Also, players leave columns of light for a couple of seconds after landing, either from the dropship or from a catapult. Use this to gauge enemy presence around you after your initial drop.

Unbeakable and Vigor

While most of the generic talents  are fairly balanced, a couple of them do stand out as all-around strongest in their categories. Vigor is currently the most competitive health talent, because it protects you from burst damage and gives you more room for error in close fights. For comparison, you would need to survive 30 seconds into a fight for Restoration to have the same effective benefit as Vigor. Most fights in Realm Royale don’t go nearly that long.

For your chicken talent, Unbeakable is arguably the safest choice. Chickens are already super mobile and don’t exactly need more movement speed, but the extra HP will always help you, either when running away or dueling another chicken.

Learn the weapon quirks

Almost immediately after starting Realm Royale, you will notice most weapons behave very differently from their counterparts in other games. For starters, the Axe and Hammer are ranged weapons. The Crossbow and Arbalest look identical, but are very different. The Shotgun knocks enemies back. The Shredder is just weird across the board.

Melee weapons have some vertical AoE, but it’s not perfect – if you’re chasing someone with a Sword and they run downhill, you have to look down or your swings will not connect.

realm royale beginner

These are just a few examples to highlight how much learning you have ahead of you. Play around with every Realm Royale weapon to get a feel for how to use them, and how to counter them. Also keep in mind that nearly all gold weapons have an elemental property. Ice slows movement speed down by 50% for 2 seconds, while Lightning reveals the target to the entire enemy team for 2 seconds – even if they’re cloaked. Fire deals 75 additional damage over 1 second.

Practice all abilities

Realm Royale has a ton of abilities, and new ones are still being added. Most abilities have properties and techniques that are worth knowing, even if you always use the same three things. For example, you should know how Skull of Chaos works since you will have to face it in every game.

The Skull has weird targeting, and will usually not home in on enemies if it cannot “see” them before it bounces. When using it, try to give it an uninterrupted trajectory to your target, and consider that it flies in an arc. If you are trying to hit someone hiding in cover, aim for the ground next to them, rather than the corner itself or the space behind them.

Once you get used to it, you will find Skull of Chaos to be an absolutely devastating ability in Squads, and against Turret campers in Solos.

Some Realm Royale abilities are so complex they warrant their own articles. For new Mage players, we have quick guides for Ice Block and Healing Station.

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