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Healing Station tips and tactics | Realm Royale Guide

Mages in Realm Royale have access to two very good support abilities. Our Ice Block mini-guide demonstrates the strengths of that option, but if you’re like the majority of Mage players, you are probably partial to Healing Station. For you, we have prepared a quick list of strengths and weaknesses of the ability, to help you either win or better understand why you lost.

The basics

First of all, if your only experience with Healing Station is from picking up grey and green ones and being underwhelmed, keep in mind Healing Station scales harder than any other ability in the game. The grey variety offers a negligible 200 HP heal over 4 seconds – less than a healing potion. However, the gold Healing Station dispenses a ridiculous 2000 HP over 10 seconds. This is the single biggest heal you can get in Realm Royale.

The healing effect persists for about a second after you leave the Station’s radius, so you can juke in and out if you need to. It’s also worth mentioning that you still get healed while ethereal. This means you can use Ghost Walk in the middle of a fight and remain within the Healing Station’s radius to get some uninterrupted healing. At that point you might as well be using Ice Block, though.

Realm Royale Healing STation tips tactics

When to use it

The optimal use of this ability is when dueling from afar against players with long range weapons. In fights like that, you get the full benefit of the Station, without the risk of getting burst down or knocked away. It’s especially helpful to hide your Healing Station behind cover. If your opponent doesn’t know you have it, they might recklessly push you after a good headshot or Axe hit, only to face you with your health fully recovered by the time they get to you.

Despite its benefits, I still find Healing Station less useful than Ice Block in solo Realm Royale. In duos and squads on the other hand, Healing Station is definitely at least as strong or even stronger, as its effects are multiplied.

Loadout tips

When running this ability, you might be tempted to take the Rejuvenate talent to maximize healing. However, Vigor is still the default safest option. It lets you survive a little longer to benefit fully from the healing, and it helps against popular burst weapons like the Sniper Rifle and Longbow.

The Alchemic Ward talent is a great pick on paper, as it provides up to 12 seconds of damage reduction with a gold Healing Station. That said, you will rarely get the full benefit, unless you somehow always find yourself in confusingly protracted fights. More often than not, the fight will be over much sooner, or your opponent will force you to re-position away from the Station.

In most situations, Sorcerer ends up being the more useful talent, as it allows you to heal, move, and heal again sooner. The one situation Alchemic Ward shines in, is the aforementioned long-range firefights, where you are more likely to get the full benefit of the talent. If that’s your preferred style of combat, consider Reflexes as your movement talent.

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