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How to counter the Fire Axe | Realm Royale Guide

Most Realm Royale players would agree that the Throwing Axe has been the strongest Warrior weapon for a while. The last patch made it the single strongest weapon in the entire game, by buffing both its accuracy and damage. In the event that someone runs up on your with a Throwing Axe, your time in this world is limited.

And someone absolutely will run up on you with a Throwing Axe, multiple times in every match. Most players pick up Axes when they find them, regardless of class. And why shouldn’t they? The gold Throwing Axe – the Fire Axe – has some of the highest DPS and burst damage in Realm Royale. It does not need to reload, and inflicts the type of pain with bodyshots that most other weapons do with headshots. Final circle fights have devolved into axe-on-axe gladiatorial battles, and it’s a little stale.

How do you counter the Fire Axe?

There are ways for each class to put up a fight against this monster weapon, but it won’t be easy. The Fire Axe kills in 2 to 3 hits, and players using it don’t need to aim much or slow down their assault for anything. Out-damaging an Axe user in a stand-up fight is hard, so your best bet is not to try – you should outsmart them instead.

realm royale limited time event

Hunter players can use the Trapper talent to pin their opponent and burst them down with Fire Bomb. You’ll need either a  Longbow or a Pincushion Crossbow. Withdraw is the recommended movement ability, since it will actually let you get away when you need to.

Realm Royale Mages don’t have many tactical options, so they have to rely on their unique abilities. Use Ghost Walk with Mage’s Speed to re-position and cancel out fire damage, and the Ice Staff with Killing Frost to hit the Axe player around corners and slow them down, making them an easier target. You can try the Wallhack Mage build, but it’s a gamble.

Assassins should avoid Hidden and Smoke Screen. Both abilities are risky against an opponent who can just chase you relentlessly; on top of that, if you hop into any form of invisibility immediately after an Axe hit, the fire damage will reveal you. Axe users will want to fight you head on, so don’t let them – use your Sensor Drone and abilities like Soul Gust and Skull of Chaos to damage them from cover. If that’s not your style, the combination of Saboteur and Cold Blooded will let you spam Concussion Grenades to keep your opponent from landing their Axes.

realm royale limited time event

Regardless of your class, you can also take some general precautions with your talents. Vigor is more than ever the safest defensive talent, and Juggernaut is the least useful. Leg Day is the movement talent that will help you the most in fights against Axe players. And speaking of movement, try not to jump around needlessly. Jumping makes you an easier target if your opponent only needs to land body shots.

Realm Royale limited time event rotation

The same Realm Royale patch which ushered in the era of the Fire Axe also introduced the limited time event rotation. Now every week the game features a limited time game mode with different tweaks and twists to the usual battle royale formula.

These game modes usually have smaller 40-44 players lobbies – free from bots – and call for unique tactics and loadouts. The limited time events have been a pretty fun addition to Realm Royale, and may be the main reason behind the recent increase in the game’s Steam population.

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