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How to play Assassin | Realm Royale Guide

Unlike its counterpart in other games, the Assassin in Realm Royale does not have to skulk in the shadows, waiting for backstabs. You can definitely do that – and you certainly have access to some great skulking abilities – but you can also rush in to duke it out mano-a-mano, or take your targets down with long range precision fire. Like the other choices in Realm Royale, you have a lot of freedom over how you get to play this class.

This mini-guide will walk you through some of the more important basics of playing Assassin in Realm Royale.


The first thing to know about Smoke Bomb and Hidden – and this also applies to the Hunter‘s Withdraw – is that when you are invisible, you are still pretty visible. Other players can see a faint shadow and the edges of your frame. On top of that, the humming sound you emit while in stealth is very loud, and is usually a better giveaway of your position than footsteps. So be careful when using these abilities, and take care to approach from behind.

Smoke Screen is a flexible ability which can be used in almost all combat situations. The smoke persists for 8 seconds, so you can set it up at a specific location in order to enter stealth there. For example, if you are pinned down behind cover, you can throw it at the edge of your hideout and then mount up and drive your horse into the smoke in order to get away safely. You can also use Smoke Screen for misdirection: if your opponent doesn’t know your exact location, throw it in front of them to hold their attention, and then sneak up behind them.

realm royale assassin

To counter enemy invisibility, you have the Sensor Drone. A rookie mistake is using this ability like Flare and throwing it through a window to reveal people inside buildings. It’s much better to stick it on the outside, where it cannot be easily destroyed.

Assassin movement

The movement abilities you can choose between as an Assassin in Realm Royale could not be any more different. Hidden slows your movement down by a small fraction, and makes you invisible; it’s not really a movement ability, except in that it impairs your movement. It makes a pretty poor escape, and its main purpose is to let you set up headshots.

Blink offers instant re-positioning on a shorter cooldown than Hidden, and is also your dedicated vertical mobility. It may have the appearance of being a teleport, but it is not. Instead of making you immaterial, it compresses your hitbox into a small ball, letting you pass through windows and other small gaps if you cast it at the right angle. If you don’t angle it well, you will end up catching on small edges and corners and whiffing the Blink.

As an Assassin in Realm Royale you have a third movement ability in your kit. With the Concussed talent you essentially have a Heroic Leap added to your arsenal, at the cost of taking between 125 and 200 damage every time you launch yourself, depending on the Concussion Grenade’s rarity. If you are creative enough with this talent, it is absolutely worth it. Chaining a grenade jump with Blink can let you pull off some absurd flanks, and reach spots normally only accessible with Soar.

Assassin realm royale skins cosmetics mage
Early Realm Royale concept art for the Mage and possibly a female Assassin. Paladins players may recognize the first one.

On a final note, much like with the Warrior‘s Hammertime talent, Dodge Roll is the best movement ability to use to maximize the benefits of the Ancient Power talent. That said, Blink is a better ability overall, and the Heirloom Rifle is not in a good place in the current meta. Which brings us to…

Assassin weapons

The Shredder is the strangest weapon in the Assassin arsenal, and perhaps in all of Realm Royale. It cannot headshot, and it has extremely low DPS – lowest in the entire game. It does some damage-over-time, even in the purple tier – this is because the Shredder is a venomous weapon. When fired at long range, you will also notice is has some minor projectile drop.

The Shredder’s redeeming quality is the Toxicology talent, which buffs its own damage and the damage of the offensive ability you pair it with. This makes it a hit-and-run weapon, best used with the combo of Cold Blooded and Toxicology. If forced to use a Shredder in a straight-up fight at close range, don’t ADS – this gun is accurate enough to do what it does from the hip.

The second Assassin weapon is the Heirloom Rifle, which is currently overshadowed by the Slug Rifle in all regards. The Heirloom Rifle can be a potent weapon if you take the Ancient Power talent, and if you can consistently land headshots. Otherwise it’s less killy than the Slug, and less accurate at long range.

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