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How to play Engineer | Realm Royale Guide

Before you scream “clickbait!”, let’s acknowledge our feelings: we all miss the Engineer in Realm Royale. I, in fact, miss him more than you. But our sadness alone won’t bring him back, so the best thing we can do is move on, and try to enjoy Realm Royale and the legacy the fallen class left behind.

And it is a great legacy. The removal of the Engineer has been a good thing for the overall quality of the game, because it added more neutral abilities and items to the pool. They are balanced for all classes equally, giving players more options and things to try. So in a way, the Engineer was sacrificed so the other classes could have more fun.

And if you can’t let go of the past, I have prepared this guide to help you recreate the Engineer through those of his assets which are still available in the game. Apart from simply enabling a certain fantasy, this playstyle is actually a perfectly competitive and fun way to play Realm Royale!

Get the right look

The first part is the hardest: you will have to secure the Sprocket Warrior skin. While this was an exclusive cosmetic before, the Sprocket Warrior shows up in regular store rotations now, and you can grind the currency to get it by just playing.

If you can’t wait for random chance to grace you with this skin, the Forgefire Knight and One Man Army skins are worthy alternatives.

realm royale engineer
As you can see in these early concepts, one of the Engineer looks eventually became the Forgefire Knight Warrior skin.

Pick the Engineer talents

To emulate the Engineer playstyle in Realm Royale, you will need to create a specific loadout of abilities, weapons and talents. Start with the talents, picking Master Riding, Ability Efficiency and Craftsmanship.

Master Riding is crucial in helping you get to Legendary Chests first. These chests contain the items you need to build your Engineer up properly. The other three movement talents also aren’t very useful for the somewhat static playstyle you’re going for. Ability Efficiency is the back-up to Master Riding – if you can’t find the right items in the world, this talent will help you forge them.

Finally, Craftsmanship is just a great talent that will help you finish your build faster. It is also thematically fit for the Engineer, who used to be able to forge faster than other classes.

Find the Engineer items

To complete your kit, you will need to secure a Plasma Launcher, Barricade, and either Turret or Fire Bomb. All of these items can be found from Legendary Chests and Loot Goblins, so you will have to chase these two any chance you get. In a way, you will become a Loot Goblin.

Make sure to land centrally after jumping from the ship, so you are in a favorable position to get to Chests as they drop. If you find yourself getting rich with shards, rush to the closest forge to try and make the items you are still missing. With the exception of the Plasma Launcher, you should be able to forge everything within a reasonable time, using the combination of talents mentioned above.

realm royale engineer
The early Turret concepts were rather cute, and I wonder why they opted to instead use Barik’s turret from Paladins.

Become the Engineer

Once you have all of your items, playing as the Engineer is just about using them well. For starters, practice juking with Barricade – drop it right in your opponent’s face and get them to chase you back and forth around it. They can’t shoot through it, but you can, so this exchange will usually get them killed. Barricade is not infallible, however. It only stays up for 4 seconds, and it can be destroyed – if you pop it in front of someone with a wound-up Gatekeeper, they will chew right through it and end you. Thankfully, that’s a very rare situation.

Fire Bomb is another ability that seems straightforward, but has some quirks. The projectile will bounce off walls, but it will shatter instantly if it hits the ground. The fire AoE it creates behaves like a liquid, expanding from the initial point. It can spill downhill or pour down from balconies onto the ground below. When you face a  Fire Bomb user, consider that the burn effect stays on you for a couple of seconds after you leave the AoE. So don’t even touch it – it is guaranteed to inflict heavy damage.

Turret may seem like an awesome ability that plays itself, but it’s extremely easy to counter. The Turret is fragile and takes a moment to lock on targets, so you should place it very carefully and ideally behind cover, so your enemies don’t see it right away. Also always try to space out your Turrets and stay away from them, because Skull of Chaos is a really popular ability which hard-counters Turrets if you are bunched together with them.

And there you have it! You can (role-)play as Engineer, an extinct class in Realm Royale!

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