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How to play Hunter | Realm Royale Guide

Playing Hunter in Realm Royale can be extremely fun, for a number of reasons. Unlike the other classes, who mostly focus on defensive and offensive abilities, she can use utilities like Flare and Proximity Trap. These abilities complement a more varied playstyle. You can rush in and burst you target down; you can quickly flank and sneak up on them; or you can wait in silence and ambush them.

Hunter is also the best long-range class, able to destroy targets revealed by her Flare before they can even see her. She has low cooldowns and bursty combos galore. If you like fast-moving glass cannons, there’s nothing better in Realm Royale than her.

Hunter abilities

Proximity Trap has a bigger trigger range and AoE than you’d initially think, and the effect can hit through objects. This ability is best used as a CC grenade, thrown directly at your target to maximize the damage they take from Fire Bombs or Turrets, and to let you get some headshots in. Other players can destroy the trap (it only has 200 HP), so when you use it to set up an ambush you should attach it somewhere it cannot be seen, like over a door. It remains deployed for an extremely long time – up to 5 minutes with the gold version, which may as well be forever.

Flare is another double-duty ability. Its baseline function is to provide vision of enemies – Light ‘Em Up and Ranger are equally useful if that’s the only thing you like to use Flares for. Alternatively, if you like to use this ability for extra damage in fights, Ranger is the better talent pick, for two reasons. First, it gives you more chances to fire, making bad Flares less punishing. Second, Light ‘Em Up only increases the lifetime of the projectile, and not the duration of the damaging effect – so the overall damage stays the same.

The final Hunter ability in Realm Royale is Blast Arrow. The Arrow has near-infinite range and no projectile drop, making it the most sniper-like offensive ability in the game.

realm royale hunter

Hunter movement

Much like any other Realm Royale class, the Hunter can spec its movement abilities for defensive or offensive purposes. Practice flicking your Withdraw in the direction you want to go – it will soon become second nature. With the Desert Shadow talent, Withdraw can cover more ground per use than most other movement abilities, letting you pull off some serious flanks. As a Hunter, flanks are the name of the game – your damage hinges on landing headshots and skillshot abilities.

On the Dodge Roll side, you have access to two completely different but equally powerful talents. Survivalist is the most reliable shielding you can get in the game, hands down. Exaction is a pretty massive damage boost, not just for your own weapons but for things like the Throwing Axe, Sword, Heirloom Rifle and Sniper Rifle.

Given the nature of Realm Royale, the fact that as a Hunter you don’t have access to class-specific vertical mobility is a pain. If you happen to find a gold or purple Blink or Heroic Leap, it will often serve you better than your own movement abilities. If you stick with your own, make sure to preemptively take high ground every chance you get. This is always helpful, but especially so in areas with trees. There, you can use Flare to detect and fire on players below you, who wouldn’t even be able to see you.

Loadout tips

If you like sniping people, the Arbalest or Longbow will both work miracles for you, but they behave very differently and call for different loadouts. WIth the Longbow, take Exaction and Leg Day, since you will be using this weapon in close range and walking around with the string drawn.

realm royale hunter

For Arbalest, take Reflexes for sure – you will need it to quickly line up those headshots. While Exaction is great for this weapon too, consider Hunter’s Speed instead. The Arbalest’s reload speed is very slow, and if you mess up and run out of ammo before securing a kill, you will need to find cover as soon as possible just to survive.

And then there’s the Crossbow, which is decent at everything but not great at anything. Intended for close quarters fights, the Crossbow has the fastest base reload speed in the entire game. If you have the Pincushion talent and a gold Crossbow, it’s better to keep reloading rather than switching to another weapon. The overall damage is good, but there are a number of other Realm Royale weapons that will out-DPS a Crossbow if you can’t land your headshots.

The Crossbow has no projectile drop over range – like the Arbalest, it fires in a completely straight line. While it does have some damage drop off, this does not affect the fire damage it applies, so the gold version makes a passable long range weapon if you have nothing else. Again, the Crossbow is flexible, but it’s not your strongest option at any range.

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