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How to play Mage | Realm Royale Guide

More so than any other class in Realm Royale, playing Mage is about breaking the rules. Mages have access to the strongest abilities in the game, but each of their “spells” comes with unique drawbacks that players need to learn to manage.

Support and movement abilities

The Mage support abilities are extremely different in function, although they both require you to sit still in order to use them. I have prepared individual mini-guides for Ice Block and Healing station, complete with tricks, tactics and bits of info you might not know.

For your movement options, keep in mind that while Soar and Ghost Walk cover a lot of ground, they both have very long cooldowns. They also limit your actions while using them. You can pick up shards and potions, disenchant items, and receive healing effects, but you can’t open chests or pick up other items.

More often than not, when playing Mage I like to pick up Heroic Leap instead of either Mage ability – especially since you can now upgrade any ability at a forge.

realm royale mage

Soul Gust

Soul Gust, the Mage-specific offensive ability in Realm Royale, is exceptionally useful in close quarters fights. It has limited range and a fairly long cooldown, but it deals heavy damage and it hits through walls. It’s perfect for gate-keeping the edge of the circle and pushing people into the fog.

It’s also part of a really fun Mage build: the Wallhack Mage! For talents, take Thunderstruck, Creeping Gale, and Feedback Loop. Equip yourself with Soul Gust and a gold Bolt Staff as soon as you can. For your support ability, it would be best to find a Flare or a Sensor Drone. With this combination of talents and items, you will have near-constant vision of your enemy, and be able to pelt them continuously with Gusts while keeping yourself in cover. I can tell you from personal experience, that this is an infuriating build to play against.

Loadout tips

Unlike some other classes, Realm Royale Mages don’t need to use any non-class weapons. Their own options provide everything they could need in any situation. The Ice Staff is an excellent close range weapon with good burst and AoE. The Stone Staff is one of the most reliable long range weapons available. And the Bolt Staff, while nothing special on its own, enables the Thunderstruck talent, which is the strongest damage perk any class can currently equip: 30% increased damage for 3 seconds.

realm royale mage

All this is to say, that while with any other class you might want to build up one of your class weapons and carry an off-class weapon as you secondary, with Mage you don’t need to do that. This makes all of your weapon talents viable, including the basic Mage’s Arsenal.

While it is nearly impossible to prioritize what runes you take, keep in mind that some runes give you considerable power spikes. Mages have some of the strongest, most game-breaking abilities in the game, but they are balanced by having the highest base cooldowns. Ability cooldown runes give a percentile CDR, which means that on average they benefit the Mage more than other Realm Royale classes.

Finally, if you are running Healing Station you should always try to find the CC reduction rune, for obvious reasons.

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