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So you jumped into Realm Royale, played a few rounds with the Warrior and are ready to move on. Warrior is an intro class, after all. Simple mechanics, simple loadout, nothing flashy: just a tutorial for the deeper and more rewarding classes, right? Wrong.

Realm Royale‘ Warrior may have the feel of an intro character, but it’s just as complex and powerful as the other classes. There is currently no clear leader in the meta, so playing as Warrior doesn’t put you at a disadvantage. And if that was not enough to convince you, consider that Warrior players get to enjoy what is perhaps the single coolest skin in the game.

To help you get a grasp of the Warrior in Realm Royale, here’s a quick intro guide to the class’s strengths in the current patch.

Heroic Leap

The Warrior’s first ability is Heroic Leap, which shares its name with the studio behind Realm Royale. Perhaps this is why it is also the Warrior’s better movement ability, and one of the strongest abilities in the game, period.

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Heroic Leap is a vertical mobility ability that covers a lot of ground on an average cooldown. You get considerable control over your trajectory, allowing you to pull off some great out-plays. You can also shoot, use other abilities, and even reload, while Leaping. No other movement ability in the game has that level of flexibility.

Through Heroic Leap, Realm Royale Warrior players have access to two strong talents: Heroic Resolve and Brutality. Using Heroic Leap anywhere where there’s a low ceiling will bounce you back to the ground, allowing you to insta-proc the effect of either talent.

There’s also a rarely-useful technique allowing you to silence your landing. If you grab onto a ledge at any point during your Leap, the landing animation will be cancelled as you vault into the room. This will completely remove the loud boom that accompanies landing normally, but your Heroic Resolve or Brutality will also not activate.

I know you’re not going to run Hammertime, but if you do, Realm Royale offers your Warrior an interesting alternative to Heroic Leap: Dodge Roll. This ability is functionally similar to Charge, and it has a lower cooldown than both Warrior movement abilities, even with Warrior’s Speed. If you like to play hyper-aggressively, Dodge Roll will let you get the most out of Hammertime.

The right Shout for you

While Shielding Shout and Healing Shout seem to have a similar purpose, the way they are used is very different. Healing Shout is best saved for right after your armor breaks – it heals continuously for 5 seconds, letting you keep fighting while getting some trickle-healing in. If you are using the Inspire talent, you need to play it even riskier, and hold off on Shouting until you’ve taken 400 damage. Healing Shout is useful in the early game, when your Warrior is still running around with 300 armor or less.

Shielding Shout gives you a 300 point shield, regardless of rarity. In terms of raw damage absorbed, this is a lot less than Healing Shout, which maxes out at over 1000 with runes and talents. However, since Shielding Shout stacks on top of your health and armor, it can be used literally every time it’s off cooldown. This makes it more flexible and safe. Shielding Shout also gives you access to the Into the Fray talent, which is your best friend when using the Sword.

Consider your usual playstyle when choosing which Shout ability to focus on.

warrior skin concepts realm royale
These early concepts show potential skins for the Warrior.

Net Shot

Here’s a tip about Net Shot: don’t use it. In its current state, I can only describe Net Shot as an anti-chicken ability. It does 200 damage regardless of rarity, delivering the least amount of pain of any damaging ability in Realm Royale – yes, less than Flare. The CC Net Shot provides is simply not worth it, either. As a Warrior you already have great mobility through abilities and talents, and you use highly accurate close-range weapons, so you don’t need to immobilize your target.

For the sake of the argument, lets say you are running Gladiator to take advantage of 25% CDR across the board. It’s a good talent, but not good enough to make Net Shot worthwhile using, since it will still have a higher cooldown than Grounding Shock and Skull of Chaos. Both of those abilities do more damage, and the disruption Grounding Shock provides is often better than the slow of Net Shot. Both abilities can hit multiple targets with one cast, too – Net Shot can’t.

Runes and weapons

Warrior is the only class in Realm Royale to be largely unaffected by the two of the game’s strongest runes – the Headshot and Reload runes. Your primary weapons – including the Fire Axe, which is one of the top weapons in the game currently – can’t headshot, and don’t need to reload. Both runes can still be helpful if your secondary weapon of choice is any of the Rifles.

If that’s not the case, you can run a very economy-focused loadout by taking the Warrior’s Arsenal and Weapon Efficiency talents. When doing so, you use a Hammer for your mid-range weapon, and either a Sword or Axe for close range, and chunk those two runes on sight, in order to upgrade your equipment faster, and save the slots for other runes.

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