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How to use neutral abilities | Realm Royale Guide

Neutral abilities in Realm Royale are available for all classes to use, and they have a lot of quirks that aren’t immediately apparent. In general, they are equally as useful as class-specific abilities, thanks to their extremely low base cooldowns.

Defensive neutral abilities

Fortification is an ability which was only recently added to the game and is not very popular yet. It provides perfect defense against mid-to-long range attackers, letting you re-position, close gaps, or reach cover without taking damage. It also lets you reload safely in the middle of a firefight, since casting Fortification does not interrupt your reload!

Fortification is not foolproof, however. For one, it does not protect your feet, so stepping in Fire Bomb pools will still mess you up. It also does not cover your back, which means that Skull of Chaos ricochets can still sometimes damage you, even if the thrower is in front of you.

Next we have Healing Flask, which works very similarly to Healing Shout. It grants a 5-second healing over time effect, healing between 250 and 475 health in total, depending on rarity. It has a lower cooldown than Healing Shout, even if you’ve taken the Gladiator talent.

Realm Royale Healing STation

While Healing Flask isn’t much different from Healing Shout, Shielding Potion is definitely stronger than Shielding Shout. It grants 500 shields, more than the 300 granted by all other shielding abilities and talents in Realm Royale. This ability also has a very low base cooldown, making it overall superior to Shielding Shout, except for Warriors who are fond of the Into the Fray talent.

Offensive neutral abilities

First up we have one of Realm Royale‘s most commonly used neutral abilities: Skull of Chaos. This ability is so popular, we’ve included it in our list of intro tips for new players.

Grounding Shock is an excellent ability for any non-Hunter players envious of Blast Arrow. Like Blast Arrow, it flies in a straight trajectory and it has small AOE, able to hit multiple enemies with one shot. If you are wondering whether to use Grounding Shock instead of Blast Arrow or Concussion Grenade, consider that at gold tier it deals 400 damage – the same as either of those abilities – but it has a much faster cooldown of 6 seconds. You can’t match this, even if you take your class-specific CDR talent, which means Grounding Shock is an excellent ability to consider when you aren’t running Concussed with Assassin or Explosive Tips with Hunter.

Finally, we have Barricade, Fire Bomb and Turret – three Realm Royale neutral abilities which were previously unique to the Engineer class. You can find out how to use them in our guide for the Engineer.

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