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Realm Royale class guide – tips and tricks for every class

Realm Royale is not officially closed yet, and still puts out regular limited time events and cosmetic drops. The latter are essentially free, as the changes introduced in update OB23 gave players a steady daily flow of in-game currency. Whether you are just finding out about Realm Royale now, or are a returning player looking to pick up a new trick, our guides will teach you everything you need to know to play every class in Realm Royale.


The Warrior is Realm Royale‘s most brutish class, focused on melee combat and endurance. It’s the perfect class to turn your brain off with. To learn all the “techniques” of the Warrior in Realm Royale, check out our Warrior class guide.


The Hunter is just pure fun. This Realm Royale class gives you the best options for long range combat and ambushes. To learn everything about playing it, check out our Hunter class guide.


Mages in Realm Royale have some of the coolest and strongest abilities, but they have to make up for it by also having some really great skins. Yeah, there are no drawbacks, the Mage is arguably the best class in the game. Check out our Mage class guide to learn more.


In any other game, the Assassin would be about sneaky ambushes and extreme burst damage. However, since this is a Hi-Rez game and they love adding layers upon layers of customization, there is a lot more you can do with the archetype besides snipe. To see what we mean, check out our Assassin class guide.


The Engineer is no longer an official class in Realm Royale. This class existed early on in the game’s development and was all about static play, which didn’t mesh well with the rest of the game, so it was quickly removed. All of the Engineer’s abilities and perks are still in the game, however. You can recreate the class using our Realm Royale Engineer class primer.

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