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Yes, Realm Royale has bots – here’s how you have fun with them

When Realm Royale officially released last June, it made headlines for its quality and explosive growth: more than 100,000 players at launch. That number shrunk over the following months, and although Realm Royale still has a pretty big playerbase and a community of content creators, its average population is nowhere as high. Despite this, the game still has very quick queue times across its multiple game modes. This is because any Realm Royale lobby with less than 100 human players fills its ranks with bots.

It’s easy to spot the AIs in your game. They have a set engagement range so they will run at you rather than snipe you, and they don’t put up a fight when chickened. To be fair, they don’t put up much of a fight period, unless you engage them on their own terms, at point-blank.

Realm Royale Hi-Rez battle royale

So, bots are in the game and they are easy to take care of. How do you have fun and enjoy the battle royale experience despite that fact? Here are some tips.

Outnumber yourself

Queue up by yourself into a Duos or Squads lobby. Duos especially might prove challenging, as these lobbies tend to have more human opponents. Or simply join a custom lobby, ensuring you don’t face a single bot.

Hot drop with other players

When your jump timer runs out, drop instantly and try to follow other players. You can often tell who is human by the deliberate way they move on the way down. To be safe, just land in Lumberfall: you are guaranteed to face steep opposition.

Enjoy it for what it is

Unintentionally, bots are another feature that makes Realm Royale one of the most unique battle royales out there. They make the game so much less sweaty than Fortnite or PUBG, at least until the end of the match when all the non-humans are filtered out. They allow you to practice skill shots and ability combinations in live games without risking a loss. At the end of the day, facing bots is objectively a small price to pay to enjoy a great game.

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