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Realm Royale is coming back with a massive update

The boys are bok in town OK sorry I'll stop

The impossible has happened. After 4 months of radio silence, Realm Royale developer Heroic Leap have announced some new stuff is on the way.

To be clear, the news was delivered by Paladins community manager @HiRezRomanova, since Realm Royale is still woefully lacking a community manager, but let’s get not distracted here. We finally got word of new Realm Royale development, and that’s what matters.

Realm Royale update patch 2020

This update is positively thicc with good news. First of all, the limited time Realm Royale events announced at Hi-Rez Expo 2019 are on their way, and they will rotate on a weekly basis. No additional details were released, but considering the quick turnaround, we don’t expect anything too flashy.

The real surprise in this update is the massive list of balance and mechanics changes headed our way in the next patch. Forges will be reworked, giving players access to “Upgrades” – I assume this will let you tier up your abilities and equipment rather than rolling for better ones. To take advantage of this new forging option, in-match shard limit will be raised to 300, which is a considerable switch up. I am not certain how much exactly these Forge changes will impact gameplay, but I can imagine camping a single Forge for longer will become more common. That in turn may affect landing patterns.

Speaking of Forges, Outpost is perhaps the most unassuming and basic Forge location in Realm Royale currently. That may change too in the coming patch. Outpost will be reworked, and the overall map will get another round of small tweaks again.

Lastly, the patch will introduce a “large” number of balance changes, and two new abilities. I can only hope for nerfs for burst damage talents and weapons, so we can be done with the lazy Assassin and Hunter meta. Either way, this upcoming patch is sure to breathe new life into Realm Royale. 

Patch notes are due later today, and the patch is set to arrive “in the near future”.

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