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Realm Royale Sniper Delight tips and tactics

The Sniper Delight solo limited time mode is live in Realm Royale right now and it’s a blast. The event will be over soon, so we figured we’d give you some quick tips to optimize your odds while it lasts!

Early scraps

Whether you like it or not, you will be fighting for your life right from the drop. Warriors and Assassins have strong starts in Sniper Delight, because their movement abilities let them access high ground, and can be buffed with shielding perks. If running either class, be aggressive and farm a couple of early armor pots.

As a Warrior, you also have the unique benefit of being able to reload while Heroic Leap-ing – this is very helpful to mitigate the Sniper Rifle’s slow reload.

Hunter tactics

As a Hunter, you are somewhat at an early game disadvantage in Sniper Delight. Consider landing in one of the houses to the north west. Your Dodge Roll will help you win fights there, unlike in the central Fungal Jungle area where the other classes will easily out-position you.

Also don’t forget to use your Flares offensively. Taking the Ranger talent will let you spam Flares regularly, making them surprisingly deadly.

Chicken brawls

When picking your neutral talents for Realm Royale Sniper Delight, consider that you absolutely will be chickened at some point. Healthy Hachling and Vigor make a good combo, and Restoration is a strong survival perk in this mode it and it works in chicken form! Also don’t forget to fight back when chickened. Sniper Rifles have a much harder time landing shots up close than they do at range.

We hope you manage to use some of these tips in your games! The Realm Royale Sniper Delight event will be over soon, although it will most likely return at some point, given the quick turn-around rate for these modes.

Not everyone is happy

While Sniper Delight is great fun, some Realm Royale players are not enjoying not having access  to regular Solo queue. This was the problem with the first limited time event last week, which took over the Duos queue. Hopefully developer Heroic Leap considers this in future events, either by reducing how long they go for, or placing them in a separate queue.

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