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The Realm Royale snipers-only limited time event is wild

As promised, Realm Royale launched its first few limited time events this week and oh boy are they different. Sniper Delight is exactly what it sounds like: a game mode centered around sniper “tactics”. With a much smaller playable arena and a restricted set of tools available, this limited time game mode is absolute madness, and a scary (and fun!) benchmark for future events.

Event details

Sniper Delight follows a set of rules which we will most likely see in all future events as well. The match starts with a small circle centered over Fungal Jungle. The circle will shrink much faster than in normal Realm Royale, forcing players to hunt each-other down very quickly.

Loot Goblins and Gold Chests appear much less frequently, and regular chests only spawn the following items: Flare, Sniper Rifle, Soul Gust, and Soar. No other weapons or abilities can be found, and no Runes either. Potions still spawn as usual, but they cannot be forged – and neither can any abilities.

Realm Royale event fallen bundle

How to win (or at least survive longer)

Naturally, a number of classes and loadouts will give you an edge in this Realm Royale event. For starters, Assassins will find themselves right at home in Sniper Delight. The Assassin class has unique access to two perks which increase Sniper Rifle damage. Assassins also start with the vertical mobility Blink, which can also be improved with the Ephemeral Protection perk for early game dueling. Considering how fast this Realm Royale event mode is, you will get a lot of mileage out of this perk.

Warriors are also surprisingly versatile in Sniper Delight, due to how quickly the mode forces players to close in on each other. We recommend taking either Brutality or Onslaught. Either park will let you finish off players a split-second quicker, which is all you need in a sniper battle.

Mages can go for a couple of different loadouts in this Realm Royale event. Since Soar is the default movement ability for the mode, High Flyer and Mage’s Speed are good perks to let you reach the ideal sniping roost – and escape from it when challenged. However, taking Feedback Loop can net a lot of free damage and vision on enemies, since your are taking Creeping Gale by default. Consider this if you want to play as a sneaky “wallhack” Mage.

Realm ROyale event fungal

Finally, as a Hunter, you should take either Ranger or Light ‘Em Up to capitalize on the fact that you will definitely find a good Flare in Sniper Delight. Flares were buffed in the last Realm Royale patch, making them both more versatile and dangerous if you are good with skillshots. A Light’Em Up Flare hit deals 600 damage now. Add an Exaction headshot to that and you have yourself a nice chicken, fully roasted.

For your neutral perks, you can hardly go wrong with anything you pick. One of the best things about the Sniper Delight event is that it is making some under-powered perks useful (for a limited time). In this mode, Restoration and Juggernaut can be just as strong as Vigor is in regular Realm Royale. As long as you don’t take Alchemy or Master Riding, you should be fine.

The Sniper Delight limited time event is live in Realm Royale now, taking over the Solo queue. The Duo and Squad game modes are still available and play us usual.

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