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Crossout is not as popular as World of Tanks, but it should be familiar to players of the latter, as the basis is very similar. The only huge difference is the amount of fun you can have with it, as Crossout easily wins in this category.

What is Crossout about?

Like I said, Crossout is very similar to World of Tanks. Except you have to move around with cars that you can jack up. Basically like in Mad Max. There are plenty of parts, guns and generators you can put on your vehicle, so the end result is extremely customizable. Plus, you can spray paint your different parts.

If you aren’t into custom-building cars, you can use one of the presets. These work just as well and you can even customize them if you want to change some of the colors, for example.

Crossout review

If you are a competitive type of player, Crossout gives you plenty of options to choose from. There are lots of things you can do in the game’s world, starting with regular Mission fights, which include “Capture the point” and “Assault” missions. In these your main job will be to kill your enemies, as there will hardly be any point-capturing going on.

The second best game mode in Crossout is Battle Royale. You already know what this is about: everyone for themselves, and the last one standing wins. If you prefer not to depend on others for your victories, this mode is most definitely for you, because you will not get any help.

But my personal favorite mode is Adventure. In this mode you can follow a story line and complete short missions to get rewards. In most cases, these rewards are absolutely necessary if you want to succeed in other game modes. You can get different kinds of weapons, parts and blueprints.

What is good about Crossout?

Let’s start with the obvious. If you liked World of Tanks, then you will love Crossout. They are almost the same, except the matches are faster and you can easily drive through the entire map in a couple of seconds, because you can move quickly. Things get a little more intense, because players in this game get really good at maneuvering around each other. It actually takes a lot of skill to fight.

But unlike in World of Tanks, you can’t buy your way to victory in Crossout. Or rather you could, but the game isn’t quite as filled will people who do so as World of Tanks is. The games are balanced and you won’t be placed in matches that you have no chance in. This was such a relief for me, because I was really worried that people were going to just destroy me. But the matchmaking in Crossout is fair, and I had the same chance at winning as everyone else.

The music is amazing as well. While you’re just waiting around, the soundtrack is very chill and relaxing. It’s something that I could listen to in my everyday life. But the second you get into the game, Crossout puts on the hard stuff, and I love it. It sets the mood perfectly, and hypes you up for the upcoming fight.

And of course, the versatility of builds and customization is is great too.

Crossout review

What is bad about Crossout?

The lag. The game doesn’t seem to be perfectly optimized to handle its load of players, there are times when the servers get overwhelmed. Crossout isn’t great during peak hours, and it frankly becomes almost impossible to play. You won’t be able to drive properly, and your shots will go all over the place. And your enemies will be the same way, so you will just end up going in circles, chasing each other with no luck. I really hope that the developers will pay attention and improve this in the future.

Another thing I didn’t completely like are the missions. Crossout sets you up for success, but it does so by holding your hand for way too long. With missions like “Complete an easy raid” – which you end up doing repeatedly – things just get boring. The game keeps throwing the same easy missions at me constantly, and it’s getting annoying. By this time I would’ve expected something like a “Deal X damage to enemies”. Instead, that’s labelled as a “Challenge”. Something that doesn’t give me anything, it just sits on my profile like a medal.

These things have gotten very muddled up in recent years, as game developers – on mobile, especially – balance between improving on and at the same time preserving time-tested monetization and in-game reward mechanics. Crossout could be a little more challenging and original in that regard. At the of the day, the matches are fun and action-packed enough to make up for the missions.

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