Drink More Glurp is best enjoyed under the influence

But you don't need alcohol to enjoy this party game

Have you ever looked at a game and immediately realized you should play it after you’ve had a few beers? Drink More Glurp is one of those types of party games. Don’t get us wrong, you don’t need any alcohol to enjoy Drink More Glurp. That would defeat the purpose of the game’s kid-friendly graphics and generally silly overtones.

However, since developers Catastrophic Overload combined party game mechanics with derpy physics straight out of Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks… you might as well invite your friends, along with special guests Jim Beam and Jack Daniels.

What is Glurp, anyway?

As you’ve probably figured out by now, Drink More Glurp is a party game with silly physics as its primary gameplay mechanic. Players control spherical aliens with only two noodly appendages, and on the Switch, each limb is controlled separately with one of the sticks. (Drink More Glurp is also coming to Steam, and on that platform, Catastrophic Overload highly recommend using controllers.)

Drink More Glurp tag line

Like other silly physics games, such as QWOP, Human Fall Flat, and most recently Fall Guys, the difficult controls are part of the fun. The controls ensure that players get into some predicaments, and you shouldn’t expect to master movement on your first go-round.

As for what you’re asked to accomplish with these controls, the levels in Drink More Glurp are themed after sporting events, some sillier than others. There’s straight dashes, object throwing contests, ski jumps, collection rounds, dodgeball, and plenty of others.

Again, the difficult controls do not make any of these levels easy, and that’s pretty much the point. For maximum enjoyment of Drink More Glurp, your sense of humor should be aligned with laughing at failure, both your own and that of your friends. As mentioned before, alcohol can help with this.

Drink More Glurp gameplay

And now a word from our sponsors

Throwing a monkey wrench into, and giving more variety to, the levels in Drink More Glurp are the sponsors. With names and logos seemingly influenced by the short film Rejected by Don Hertzfeldt, these in-game sponsors liven up the levels by forcing the players to use their products in some way. For example, Master Cuffs binds your limbs together, Turbo Gloves gives you rocket powered gloves, and T-Wrekx Gym (wait for it…) makes your limbs shorter. These sponsors are tied to specific types of levels, and the levels you play in Party Mode are chosen at random.

There’s a ton of variety in the levels already, but I feel there is also a missed opportunity here: level customization. There is a tremendous opportunity for user-created content here if Catastrophic Overload would allow it! Imagine being able to take any level type (or better yet, creating your own) and combining it with whatever sponsor you want. (Perhaps even multiple sponsors for more mayhem?) You’d be able to yeet yourself for miles if you paired a long jump level with Dave’s Discount Gravity, for example. Catastrophic Overload, if you are reding this: please let this be a thing in future updates of Drink More Glurp.

In case you don’t have friends to share the shenanigans with, Drink More Glurp actually does have a single-player mode. It’s not much, though. Single-player in Drink More Glurp consists of a series of challenges, basically time trials for levels that already exist in the Party Mode. Beating these time trials at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels unlocks various cosmetic items you can customize your alien avatar with. This is the incentive to get better at this single-player mode, besides preparing yourself for multiplayer in the event you find some friends.

Drink More Glurp gameplay

Drunk science!

In the end, is it worth it to Drink More Glurp? Yes, if you have friends you can play with. Much of the game relies on its party game aspects to be fun, and of course laughing at the misfortune of yourself and your friends for flailing about helplessly. (Or possibly cheering them on if they somehow get good.) While the single-player mode provides an incentive to play it, Drink More Glurp is definitely best enjoyed with your (drinking) buddies.

We mention alcohol a bit in this article. While it’s not a requirement to enjoy Drink More Glurp, the silly physics and flailing limbs of the aliens you control are definitely enhanced when you are under the influence. The controls are silly enough when you’re sober; just imagine the drunken possibilities.

Perhaps adult players of Drink More Glurp can come up with drinking games around this title (take a shot every time someone faceplants helplessly in a long jump level, for example). Or maybe the intrepid drink mixers among our readers can come up with an actual recipe for Glurp! Intrepid drink mixers, share your ideas for what an alcoholic Glurp drink could be like in the comments section below!

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