Eastern Exorcist is the perfect kind of challenging

Eastern Exorcist is a single player 2D side-scroller action RPG in which you play as an exorcist named Lu Yunchuan. In this world there are demons wreaking havoc throughout the land, and it is your job to cleanse them and save lives. Eastern Exorcist is still in early access currently, but it has a lot of content to offer. The game is more than meets the eye, as it has a great story and plenty of mechanics to keep you engaged.

First I want to talk about the controls, which are complex – and I mean that in a good way. Eastern Exorcist provides players so many options to have complete controls of the character. This makes the game more interactive and gives players a lot of things to try. There are separate buttons for attack, counterattack, defend, and more.

eastern exorcist fighting

The only concern I had here is that being able to press all these buttons effectively on a keyboard is quite hard, since you cannot bind any actions to left or right click, only to keyboard keys. This made moving while attacking, dodging, and counterattacking a bit of a chore.

I highly recommend playing this game with a controller instead, as the buttons you need to press are closer together, and movements with the joystick will be much easier than WASD. The game feels much better with a controller and your actions will be much smoother. This brings me to the difficulty level of the game.

At first I thought the game would not be too hard on normal difficulty, but it is actually quite the challenge. You are faced with a lot of enemies, both ranged and melee, with few checkpoints to save at in between. Eastern Exorcist gets you stuck in battle very quickly, and I found the challenge to be quite enjoyable. This is not some easy 2D side-scroller you can breeze through.

eastern exorcist enemies

Eastern Exorcist does not throw you into the action without telling you how to play, though. In fact the game gives you plenty of chances to learn new techniques. At shrines, you can go into a practice mode to learn how a mechanic you just unlocked works. I found this incredibly useful because it gives you a safe space to practice a technique so you can use it better in the game.

Another interesting mechanic Eastern Exorcist has, is giving the player various Exorcism Arts as they progress. You can only equip one at a time, and each one will give your character a new ability. What is even more interesting is that each Exorcism Art has an ability tree, in which you can buy different upgrades to improve it.

Only one Exorcism Art can be equipped at a time, but you can switch between them during combat. This gives players even more ways to play during boss fights and tough encounters.

exorcism art ability tree

If you like challenging single player games you will enjoy Eastern Exorcist. With a variety of ways to play and constant action, this game does a good job of keeping you occupied and offering new challenges as you progress.

Eastern Exorcist feels like a polished game despite being in early access, which shows great promise for the completed game.

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