Haxity takes the Slay The Spire formula in a whole new direction

If you have been looking for a new card game slash roguelite that actually makes you strategize and think then Haxity is right here for you. It’s fairly new and unknown, but it’s definitely worth your attention. My feeling is that there’s a hype wave on the horizon, so if you want to get a head start you should start playing now – especially since Haxity can get really complicated.

What is Haxity about?

First of all, there is no story. At least not yet. Haxity has a strong cyberpunk vibe and just enough setting to establish the fights, nothing else. In this game you just go up against enemies and try your best to defeat them.

The fighting mechanics are great. You have 3 slots in which you place your moves in each round. These can deal damage, inflict debuffs on the enemy, or give you buffs that last the entire fight or just the rest of the round. The moves have categories (Ranged, Melee, Skill) and use a rock-paper-scissors interaction.

The best example I can give you is this: you use a Ranged move in your first slot while your enemy uses a Melee one. This means that your enemy’s attack is now void and they can’t do anything during that time slot.

Haxity review

The next cool mechanic is the Hacking. After filling your 3 slots, the game will tell you what the enemy chose and which one of your cards is now void. This is when you can use your modules to switch out your cards, slow the enemy or get some more damage in. Just be careful because these cost energy and if you use all the right ones at the start you will regret it later.

Don’t worry if you don’t get the basics from this explanation: the tutorial is awesome and you can replay it as many times as you want. After you get used to the core mechanics, there are a lot of variables to learn, in the form of characters, decks and buffs.

What’s good about Haxity?

The first thing I noticed was the sound. The music is pretty nice, it’s exciting enough to get you to want to play, but repetitive enough not to distract you during the actual fights. I think it could be slightly more cyberpunk because right now it’s just modern day alternative techno.

Then the graphics. I really have nothing bad to say about this one. Haxity is just simply gorgeous and I love the cartoonish style. The colors make everything pop without it being obnoxious, which is a huge thing in cyberpunk (in my opinion). The character design is also really well done, I like the accessories (like Banshee’s roller skates, that’s absolutely hilarious) and their color schemes are great.

Haxity review

And finally, the game modes. Even though the game isn’t completely finished yet, you can still choose between the Campaign mode (fighting against bots and progressing continuously) and the Versus mode, which is obviously PvP. I personally don’t like playing against other players because it makes me rage, but I like to have the option because every once in a while I need to yell at a computer.

I’ll say this right off the bat, though – I think Haxity will be able to balance the PvP mode much better than card games like Hearthstone because of its mechanics.

What’s bad about Haxity?

Yes, we do need to have this section as well because Haxity isn’t all rainbows and smiles. There’s always room for improvement, as with any game.

My biggest problem is that the game doesn’t really explain the debuffs and buffs. For example, Dr. Ratz is one of the three characters you can play in the Campaign mode and he can put a thing called “Infect” on his enemies. I thought it meant that they lost health over time or they were more vulnerable. Nope, neither. As far as I can tell I just interact with those debuffs with my other cards. But I still don’t really know because it was never explained.

Because of this, you might just be better off with more straightforward games (for now). Fate Hunters and Legends of Runeterra‘s Expedition mode are just as complicated but at least there’s no guessing game involved. I am fairly sure that the developers will quickly resolve these problems, though.

Haxity review

Also, Executioner is just pure BS, his momentum isn’t balanced at all and he can kill you within a couple rounds. My favorite part was when I had moves that dealt like 6-8 damage while he had around 20. It was really fun. Because of stuff like this, while you’re still new to the game you can only play as him if you want to play the Campaign mode, otherwise Haxity will constantly use him against you. And he will just beat you into the ground.

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