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At the tail end of 2020, I’m so glad I stumbled on this delightful mind numbing game. Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game is the iconic flash game that never was. Mind you, calling it a flash game isn’t a slight towards flash games. Adobe Flash’s legacy will live on long after the service breathes its last later this month. 

To preface this review: I’m not the most tidy individual. I’m not mess incarnate, but I was never particular about organization or having an immaculate personal space. With that said, Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game makes doing chores fun – in a digital space, anyway. It’s not like I’m actually cleaning anything real, but it’s a joy seeing a cluttered screen full of leaves get blown away. I’m also a simple man who enjoys seeing numbers go up, and appreciates the visible progression while I clean an infinite mess.

leaf blower revolution animals

All in all, Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game made it fun, funny, and rewarding to keep upgrading my equipment in a quest to be the destroyer of snowmen, master of leaf blowing roombas, and a time & space traveling caretaker.

It’s safe to say that this game blows in the best way possible. For a free indie game, it succeeds on its simple premise and rewards players for returning. I can’t recommend this game enough if you want to shut off and slow down your change of pace. It’s another solid reason to celebrate indie developers who have ruled this year with surprise hits that continue to deliver!

You can download Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game on Steam for free.

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