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I went into League of Pixels out of sheer curiosity. From the screenshots on Steam, the game appeared to be a LoL re-skin of Lemmings. What I found instead is a very entertaining competitive platformer with MOBA mechanics on top.

Developer Daniel Schutko started work on the game three years ago, as a hobby project inspired by League of Legends and Awesomenauts. It was originally just something Schutko did for fun, but it helped him realize that he wanted to make games for a living. He is currently working towards this goal, studying game design at HTW in Berlin. At the same time, he is slowly turning League of Pixels into a full fledged game, with growing features and its own community.

League of Pixels - 2D MOBA [Steam Release Trailer]

Don’t be fooled by the game’s minimalist design and retro graphics. League of Pixels has a low learning curve but plenty of depth and fun things to try. Not only do the different characters call for different tactics, there’s also the tension of not having a team to fall back on. The default match mode in League of Pixels is 1v1 – another break from MOBA basics.

Schutko told us he might add more game modes in the future, but for now his focus is on stabilizing the online experience and adding a ranked mode. After that will come bigger and more interesting maps, and more playable heroes.

League of Pixels moba

While the game’s roots are still visible in some of the LoL-inspired aesthetics, Schutko is working hard to establish League of Pixels‘ own identity. To that end, he has enlisted the help of the game’s Discord community on designing new characters. Players get to submit and vote on new concepts, and the winner will have their hero make it into the game.

Schutko is not sure yet how big he wants to go with League of Pixels. For now he is focused on just adding new things and improving the game every day. I am personally very excited to see how LoP evolves, and what it becomes as it branches further away from the MOBAs which inspired it.

League of Pixels is currently available for free on Steam, and you can also give it a spin in your browser.

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