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I’m a huge fan of horror games like Lonely Things. “What is that like?” you might ask, and I will gladly tell you. A game like Lonely Things pays attention to the atmosphere and the whole experience. It doesn’t revolve around building tension and jumpscares, unlike many other titles do these days.

Because of this one simple attribute, Lonely Things gives you a sense of fear that lasts much longer than the game itself.

Lonely Things review

What is good about Lonely Things?

The atmosphere is great. There aren’t any sudden sounds, things jumping out at you or monsters getting in your face each time you turn a corner – although you will still find yourself scared to walk into some hallways. Instead,  developer Jamiesime built tension with the music and the color scheme of the game. Each one adds a little bit to the scare factor -especially when you walk into a completely black room, and a white face is staring at you back from the middle of it.

Another great thing about Lonely Things, is how it tells its story. It does it through characters. You don’t get detailed explanations of the situations as you play, just a bit in the beginning. After that, you are on your own to find out what’s happening around you on your own. And might I add, the dialogue is written really well. It’s nothing extraordinary, as there isn’t enough of it, but it’s perfectly in tune with the game’s tone.

lonely things

What is bad about Lonely Things?

The length. I really enjoyed playing this game, so when it ended after an hour I was a bit disappointed – although I knew it wasn’t a very long piece when I downloaded it. I just felt like the story should’ve been drawn out a little longer, or that it could have given some more background to the characters.

Either way, I would love to see longer games from this developer.

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