The Battle of Polytopia is a lighter take on Sid Meier’s Civilization

The Battle of Polytopia is a turn-based strategy game developed by Midjiwan AB, currently available on PC through Steam, and on mobile devices. At first glance The Battle of Polytopia looks like a fun cartoony game with blocky characters and environments. In fact the entire world you play on is one big square.

But how good is The Battle of Polytopia? Well, you get to form an opinion pretty quickly, because the game immediately throws you in a match. After you mess around with the game’s entry level mechanics, you are given a list of tribes with each one having something unique about it to give you an advantage, allowing you to make the game easier or harder for yourself depending on what you pick.

After tribe selection you can then choose the number of opponents you want to face and the difficulty. Now you can finally be thrown into the world with your single town and soldier. At the beginning you have nothing and must use your resources wisely to progress your tribe.

1_Polytopia Tribes

The Battle of Polytopia has an interesting mechanic called Stars which limits the amount of actions you can do. Every action will cost some amount of stars, except for moving units. You also must spend stars to upgrade your tech tree. This forces you to choose between research and growing your town. As you progress through the game you can do things to increase the amount of stars you get per turn.

After you get a hang of the stars system, the game lets you roam around with your warrior, exploring the map and uncovering new towns to take over to expand your tribe. You will also meet other tribes along the way who could be a threat in the future. As some of you may have figured out, The Battle of Polytopia feels like a less complex version of Sid Meier’s Civilization. Still, but is different enough to feel like its own game.

Polytopia Beginning

As I played through the game I thoroughly enjoyed the art style, music, and sounds of Polytopia. Everything blends well together so nothing looks out of place, and the bright colors are pleasing to the eye. This cute and relaxing atmosphere is backed up by the music and sound effects. Even the combat does not sound that violent. This just makes the atmosphere of the game less stressful, even though you can be under pressure at times from your enemies.

The Battle of Polytopia gives you plenty of game modes to experience. There is a limited 30-turn game mode, a game mode to fight until only one tribe remains, and custom modes. In custom modes you can modify the amount of enemy tribes, difficulty, size of map, and the map’s environment – allowing you to play any type of game you want.

If the AI is not enough of a challenge for you, then online multiplayer is also available. This will be the true test of your skills at advancing your tribe.

Polytopia Cities

If you like turn based strategy games, or Sid Meier’s Civilization, then you will enjoy The Battle of Polytopia. It is like a simplified version of Civilization that still has enough complexity to keep you engaged, and enough of a personality to love.

I found The Battle of Polytopia to be the kind of game I can relax with and take a break from more competitive and stressful games.

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