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5 big reasons to play Rogue Company

Rogue Company is finally in open beta and boy am I excited. I’ve been playing this game since February and it has definitely grown a lot on me, despite the fact that I am not usually a fan of third person shooters.

There are lots of good reasons to try this title, even your are not into tactical shooters or TPS games at all. Here are the 5 obvious reason to why should you play Rogue Company?

Made by Hi-Rez

Let’s get my fanboy baggage out of the way first. Hi-Rez, the makers of Smite and Paladins, have a track record of making some amazing games, and continue to roll out consistent updates for their titles. They actively work with community feedback, incorporating it into both the balance and aesthetics of their games. They also take their esports scenes seriously, and Rogue Company already has a budding esports community, with Hi-Rez planning support down the line.

Fast paced

Compared to other tactical shooters like Valorant, Rogue Company is so fast. Game modes are faster and more action-packed, and the potential for big plays and crazy 1v4 comebacks is high. Dying within a round doesn’t cost you your guns, meaning that most rounds maintain the same pace. This is all intentional: lead game designer and former Halo world champion Scott Lussier emphasizes that RoCo aims to mix tactical and action shooters.

Rogue Company

Unique characters

Rogue Company offers characters that cater to all kinds of playstyles. Whether you would set traps and get frags with Ronin, or try to be a one-man-army with Chaac, there is a little bit of everything for everyone. The game’s starting roster of 13 playable Rogues is packed with more options than you normally get from from a game at launch.

Multiple game modes

Currently, Rogue Company has two game modes available, Strikeout and Demolition. Strikeout is a more casual gamemode, while Demolition is the competitive bomb defusal mode players are familiar with from CS:GO. The best thing about these two modes is that they are polar opposites: Demolition is big brain time all the time, and Strikeout is a frag fiesta.

More than likely we will see new gamemodes in the future, like the Extraction and Wingman modes which were available in the closed alpha.


Rogue Company is only behind the Founders Pack paywall until the beta ends, then the game is going completely free-to-play, and you have nothing to lose with a free game. On top of that, there isn’t an obligation to spend money on the game. With the current rate at which in-game currency drops, all Rogues can be unlocked through playing the game. Eventually players will get mastery rewards, which will include cosmetics.

Is Rogue Company worth playing? If tactical shooters are your thing, then it definitely is. If you are more into fast-paced shooters, the Strikeout mode is still worth a try. Either way, this game has a lot of potential. Developer studio First Watch Games have already released a roadmap for 2020, and they definitely have a lot planned for the game.

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