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Early Rogue Company concepts show zipline gun, hype beast Saint, more

I love ArtStation. Not only is it a great place for professional artists to showcase their work, but it also houses tons of unused and yet-to-be-used concepts, allowing plebs like me the occasional glimpse behind the curtain of game development. Hi-Rez staff and freelancers who worked on Rogue Company have recently started posting concepts from the early stages of the game’s development, and they show a lot of cool stuff that could have come to the game – and some still might.

A post from senior concept artist Will Burns shows some cool gadgets that were cut from the finished version of Rogue Company, including the zipline gun you can see above, and a UGV called Sand Flea. The zipline gun would have worked exactly like the one Pathfinder uses in Apex Legends, and was ultimately scrapped because the mechanic didn’t mesh well with the map design.

Rogue Company concept UGV

For its part, the Sand Flea would have had some hacking capabilities, in addition to possibly revealing enemy rogues like Talon’s dart. Burns’ comments on the these concepts note that there are currently no plans to include the Sand Flea or any other UGV in Rogue Company, most likely because the game is too fast-paced for that type of thing.

My favorite discovery among the early Rogue Company concepts was a post of Saint designs from freelance artist Zach Ellis. Ellis’ work didn’t make the cut, but these concepts are definitely worth taking a peek at. They match the game’s streetwear-inspired aesthetics, and would have given Saint some very unique looks.

If you are enjoying Rogue Company, I recommend you browse through the other concepts and artwork available on ArtStation. And stick around with SQUAD for more Rogue Company news and content!

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