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Everything new coming to Rogue Company in 2020

Rogue Company is catching a lot of traction and for good reason. The game offers simple yet engaging tactical gameplay that caters to both casual and competitive players. Here is everything that First Watch Games have planned for Rogue Company in 2020.

New content and features coming to Rogue Company

The first round of additions will include custom avatars, banners and frames. I assume this will be similar to the featuers in Paladins and Smite, which have some pretty cool animated frames and avatars. It would nice to also see mastery frames, banners and avatars from Rogue mastery ranks, which is planned for Phase 2.

Rogue Company will also add surrender and deserter penalties. Every couple of games, my team gets put at a disadvantage due to someone leaving mid-game or not even loading into the match. The ability to surrender in a 2 v 4 would mean players could quickly get into another game where they stand a fair chance at winning.

Next up, Rogue Company will add a new map: Vice. Nobody will complain about new content. Rogue Company currently has a strong map selection, but adding more to that list is of course great. I would like to see more hybrid maps that promote vertical movement, like Favelas. Along with new maps I hope we also get new game modes.

Rogue Company

Later in 2020, we will also get a new playable Rogue. New addition to the playable roster? Hell yeah. I believe that this next Rogue may be called Dahlia because the name was included in the description of the Founder’s Pack in the Epic Games Store. It has since been removed.

Also coming are custom matches. Custom matches are a fun addition to any game. Hopefully First Watch will include a lot of customization with these custom games, such as ability toggle, adjustable starting cash and multiples of the same Rogue.

Ranked! Ranked is the pinnacle queue in any competitive game, and Rogue Company is getting it. I have a strong feeling that lead Rogue Company producer Scott ‘Gandhi’ Lussier will model the ranked system off of Halo 2 and Halo 3.

Rogue Company will also add Rogue mastery ranks. I hope this is similar to the mastery ranks in Smite and Paladins, where special skins are unlocked at certain ranks. I also hope we can obtain special avatars and banners from the Rogue mastery ranks.

Equipment mastery is on the list of features added later on in 2020. In a weird way I hope this works similarly to unlocking camos in Call of Duty. However, I don’t want these to be as grindy as they are in Modern Warfare. I’m looking at you, Longshots.

Rogue Company

If you guessed that Rogue Company will get a battle pass, you guessed right. Almost every game nowadays has some form of a season pass. Some players are getting a bit tired of them, but I personally still see battle passes as a good way to be rewarded for playing the game. Generally these are loaded with limited time cosmetics and other items.

Last but not least, Rogue Company will receive continuous rounds of gameplay improvements. Currently all we know is that they will be aimed at an advanced ping system to improve team communication.

Rogue Company seems to have a bright future ahead of itself and all these changes are set to be added in 2020. Along with all that, I personally hope to see more gamemodes and new weapons.

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