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Everything you need to know about the Rogue Company open beta

Rogue Company has finally hit open beta, and boy does that bring a smile to my face. Having been playing since the closed alpha, I am so excited for this new stage. Here is everything you need to know.

How do I get in the Rogue Company open beta?

Currently you can play Rogue Company on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and on PC through the Epic Games Store. More importantly, with it being moved into open beta, Rogue Company is now free to play.

What are the game modes?

Rogue Company currently has three game modes, aside from the Tutorial, Shooting Range and Practice mode. Demolition is the standard game mode, which is very similar to the bomb modes found in Counter Strike and Valorant: one team is on attack and must plant a bomb, while the other team defends the sites.

The other two game modes, Strikeout and Extraction, are more casual. Strikeout focuses on reducing the enemy team’s life count by killing players or holding an objective zone. Extraction is closer in spirit to Demolition, but streamlined: both teams fight to hack the objective and must defend it for some time while the hack completes.

What comes next?

Rogue Company developer First Watch Games have already released a roadmap for 2020. We have now entered Phase 2, which means Ranked and Custom Games will be added soon. After that you can expect equipment mastery levels, battle passes, and more gameplay improvements.

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