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Chaac may seem like a safe and easy to play rogue, but he is actually one of the trickier operators in Rogue Company. Due to the nature of his kit, he can’t hang back and needs to get close to enemies and pressure them constantly. This makes him the worst choice for players who are new to Rogue Company, or are prone to making snap decisions.

Chaac’s main role on the team is as a blunt tool. He’s not great at holding objectives, sniping, zoning or anything fancy like that. Instead, his job is to make his way to an enemy position and apply pressure. Luckily, he is great at applying pressure. With the combination of his active ability and perks, he can swiftly disrupt the enemy team and get favorable trades.

How to play Chaac in Rogue Company

Chaac’s active ability, Stim Pack, takes careful timing. You have to use it right before getting into a shootout – you would be wasting it otherwise. But that doesn’t mean you should then run headlong into enemy fire. Play safe and approach intelligently – the extra health is just there as a safety in case you picked the wrong fight. A little tip: when freshly stimmed, Chaac can survive many otherwise-lethal blasts. Until the Vice update, he could even stick his Semtex at point blank and survive.

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Saving Chaac’s ability to pick you up when downed is risky. Most players know they need to finish Chaac off the moment he goes down, so you will rarely get the chance to self-rez. Don’t forget your passive’s second aspect – that you can dodge roll when downed. Try to make it to cover immediately before even considering a self-rez.

Your priority perks for Chaac are Life Drain and Replenish. Those two synergize really well with Stim Pack, and allow you to pull off amazing plays sometimes. As always, take Shredder Rounds against Anvil, and Cloaked against Phantom, Dallas, Gl1tch or Talon.

Finally, here’s a bit of fairly useless trivia: Chaac is one of the rogues who underwent the most cosmetic changes during the Rogue Company closed alpha, most likely due to his assets arriving later in development. Instead of going ham when he used his active ability, he would quietly inject himself with a stim shot. Back then he didn’t look like himself – instead he used a bald Talon model, and had the fitting moniker Phoenix. The name Chaac is likely a reference to Hi-Rez’s MOBA Smite.

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