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How to play Dallas | Rogue Company Guide

Map awareness and enemy positioning are important in controlling the map in Rogue Company. Dallas, the former Texas lawman, excels at giving his team intel by revealing enemies.  Here is your complete guide to playing Dallas in Rogue Company.

Kit and playstyle

Dallas’ ability is Target Finder, which reveals the closest enemy for a short duration. As well as revealing them to you, the enemy is also revealed to the rest of your team. Dallas’ passive, Recharge, refunds the ability upon downing an enemy. Make sure not to activate Target Finder too early, because the reveal duration is not very long.

On defense, Dallas can use Target Finder to counter flankers and see from which route enemies are pushing. Do remember, however, that any Rogue with the Cloaked perk cannot be revealed.

Dallas’ two weapon choices are HRM-30KS and the Devotion. The HRM is a well rounded assault rifle with slightly more range than the KA30. The Tier 1 upgrade gives it a boost to damage range, Tier 2 increase hipfire accuracy, and Tier 3 adds a suppressor and reduces recoil. Tier 1 is a great upgrade to rush and Tier 3 is great when you have the spare cash to buy it.

The Devotion is not as strong as other DMRs in the game. Due to it being lever action and having a single round reload, it can be hard to be consistent with it. If you have a Trench or Talon on your team, let them run a DMR instead, as their options have higher fire rate and better reload.

Rogue Company - Rogue Reveal - Dallas

Headstrong is always a great perk to rush. The additional 25 hit points allows you to be better equipped for long engagements. Bounce Back is also great to reduce the amount of time you are out of fights. Besides these 2 perks, the rest can be picked up in any order.

If you are playing Dallas as more of a flank, Replenish and Padded Steps could serve you well, especially the former which pairs nicely with your passive. Stalker is also a solid pick up to reduce the ADS movement speed penalty.

Who should play Dallas?

Do you enjoy running around with a six-shooter? Do you like snapping your fingers to reveal enemies? Then Dallas is the Rogue you should play in Rogue Company. Jokes aside, Dallas plays well into teams that need vision on defense, or want to have a counter flanker on their team. He is also just an all-around strong choice for most team compositions.

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