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How to play Dima | Rogue Company Guide

When you are on the attack in Rogue Company, you may have a hard time cutting through a coordinated defending team. Maybe they have an Anvil anchoring down the point, or a Vy locking down a hallway. In times like these, a breacher Rogue like Dima is invaluable to break down the defensive line. Here is your guide to playing Dima in Rogue Company.

Kit and playstyle

Your weapon choices with Dima are the KA30 and the Mamba. The KA30 is a solid choice for short to medium range engagements. Upgrading it to tier 3 is always worth it, as each of the weapon’s upgrades adds a meaningful buff. For its own part the Mamba can be a solid off-duty DMR, without any upgrades needed.

Dima’s ability, MIRV Launcher, gives you a powerful grenade launcher that splits into multiple grenades on impact. While this ability has high potential damage, it can be hard to use effectively due to its long timer before detonation. Often times enemies will run away before the grenades explode, but this can be useful in itself to flush them out of certain positions. It can also be used as a great albeit overkill way to confirm kills on downed enemies, to prevent them from being revived.

Dima’s passive, Burned, reveals the enemies you down to your team for a short duration. This is somewhat underwhelming compared to his original passive during the closed alpha, which ultimately became Gl1tch’s passive.

Rogue Company - Rogue Reveal - Dima

Best perks

Perk selection is a little bit situational on Dima. In most cases Bounce Back and Nimble Hands should be your first buys. They are solid in any situation, for added survivability and weapon handling speed respectively.

If you feel confident in your ability to down enemies, then Replenish and Life Drain are solid perks to extend your killing rampage. Shredder Rounds can also be a solid pick up if you find yourself blowing through ammo fairly fast.

Who should play Dima?

Do you enjoy explosions? Maybe blowing up your enemies, sometimes your teammates? Then Dima is the Rogue you should play in Rogue Company.

While Dima’s kit can be situational in Demolition, less competitive gamemodes like Strikeout and Extraction allow him to dominate the battlefield through brute force. If you do bring him into Demolition, he is best on attack.

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