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How to play Kestrel | Rogue Company Guide

The newest duelist to join the Rogue Company roster is Kestrel. One of the founding members of Rogue Company, she has returned to even the fight against Jackal. She utilizes mini-drones that can deal heavy damage with their rocket barrage. Here is your guide to playing Kestrel in Rogue Company.

Kit and playstyle

Kestrel’s two weapons are the Riptide and the Knight. The Riptide is a new assault rifle, more suited for long distance engagements, dealing high amounts of damage at the cost of handling. The Knight is suited for short range engagements but has a slower fire rate. Kestrel also wields the newest melee weapon in Rogue Company, the Kukri.

Halo Drones is Kestel’s ability. When cast, 6 drones are released that fly towards the direction Kestrel is facing. Upon impact they explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Each drone does 60 damage. Once Halo Drones has been cast, their flight path cannot be changed.

Kestrel’s passive is Legend’s Contract. This gives her an additional $1000 every time she downs an enemy.

Rogue Company - Rogue Reveal - Kestrel

Best perks

As a Duelist, most of Kestrel’s perks revolve around being an effective fighter in one-on-one situations. Resupply is great for recharging your gadgets, but requires you to get close to the enemies you eliminate. Replenish also activates off of downing your enemies, reloading your current weapon and restoring ammunition. If you want to play in a run and gun style, you will want to pick up Stalker and Berserker.

Who should play Kestrel?

Kestrel excels when fighting isolated enemy Rogues. This makes her solid on both offense and defense. Her kit caters to multiple situations, with long range and short range capabilities. Kestrel also excels at zoning her enemies with her Bounce Grenade and Halo Drones. Both of these can also be used to force enemies into situations that turn fights in favor of your team.

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