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How to play Saint | Rogue Company Guide

Most games  nowadays are not complete without a healer or medic character. Saint is Rogue Company‘s dedicated medic rogue, with a drone capable of remote revival of his teammates. Here is your intro guide to playing Saint in Rogue Company.

Kit and playstyle

Saint’s ability is Revive Drone. This drone can remotely revive a downed teammate, anywhere on the map. This can be great for reviving your teammates who got separated from the team or are flanking. If the teammate is killed while Revive Drone is on them, the ability is refunded. The ability is not refunded if the drone is destroyed, however. Your passive, Medical Expertise, heals both you and your teammate when you revive them.

Saint’s main weapon choices are the MLX Mark 4 and the Mamba. The MLX Mark 4 is one of the few weapons in Rogue Company that actually scopes up when aiming down sights, giving you a lot of accuracy over range but restricting your view up close. It is fully automatic and classified as an assault rifle.

The Mamba makes a great semi-DMR – which is ironic, because unlike the Mark 4 is does not have a long range scope – and does not need upgrades to be effective. Saint also has access to Trip Mines and Smoke Grenades.

Saint’s perks

Helping Hand has great synergy with your passive and has been confirmed by the developers to also affect the revive speed of your drone.

For your personal safety, Evade is a strong choice to help you survive bad engagements, and is fairly cheap. You should also aim to buy Headstrong as soon as you can, since as the team’s medic you cannot be the first one going down.

Bounce Back also allows you to return to fights quicker with a reduction in the delay of health regeneration.

While Cloaked is strong choice against rogues like Dallas, in most cases you will not be near the front lines. Play towards the rear of your team, and don’t allow yourself to be exposed to flankers.

Who should play Saint?

Support mains, this is your guy. With a Revive Drone and plenty of perks to augment his abilities as a team player, Saint is a strong choice for most team compositions in Rogue Company.

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