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How to play Vy | Rogue Company Guide

Zoning and map control are key in Rogue Company. While rogues like Anvil and Trench excel at passively defending the objective, Vy is one of the more aggressive defenders. With a dangerous area denial ability and a flexible loadout, she can push back enemies and set her team up for an easy clean up. Here is your intro guide to playing Vy in Rogue Company.

Kit and playstyle

Vy’s ability, Vile Poison, makes for strong area denial. Vy is immune to her own poison, but not to that of other Vys. Vile Poison reduces the maximum health of enemies while increasing her own maximum health, up to 125. The health changes applied by poison last the entire round. Vy has two charges on this ability, and it can be bounced off of walls like grenades.

Vy’s Nightshade assault rifle is silenced and cool-looking, but has somewhat low DPS and effective range. The range falls between Chaac‘s D40-C SMG and the KA30 assault rifle. The tier three upgrade puts it on par with the damage range of the base KA30. Her other weapon, the S12 Tactical shotgun can be strong for defending chokes and corner camping.

As for Perks, Evade is always a great perk for the additional survivability it grants, and for a very low price tag compared to other perks. Sixth Sense is a must-pick because situational awareness is important for Vy’s kit, allowing you to effectively stop a push or counter incoming flankers. Tenacity and Cloaked can be picked up based on the enemy team’s composition, with Tenacity being a strong pick against Dima and Cloaked being great against Dallas and Talon.

Finally, if you do not have a Saint on your team, you could pick up Helping Hand and act as your team’s failsafe. Before starting a revive, you can drop a Vile Poison pool to block the nearest blind corner.

Who should play Vy?

If you enjoy terrorizing the enemy team and forcing them to reroute their attacks, then Vy is the Rogue for you. Vy is a strong pick on defense, and can be a dominant force when it comes to map control in Rogue Company.

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