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New game modes and ranked coming to Rogue Company

First Watch Games has a lot of big plans for Rogue Company in 2020. With a new map and Rogue already confirmed for this year, one can only assume that we also get new game modes. Here are some of the game modes we can expect to see added to Rogue Company.


Ranked is a staple in most competitive shooters. Lead producer Scott ‘Gandhi’ Lussier has hinted that we will be getting a 1-50 system, similar to what was seen in Halo 2 and Halo 3.

A big thing I would like to see in a ranked game mode is a separate queue for solo players and pre-made teams. Destiny 2 has a similar system currently, meaning players are not punished and put against pre-made teams when solo queuing. Rogue Company had this division set up during the close alpha, so we can possibly expect it added when the ranked queue is added.

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New (and old) game modes

In a Reddit AMA, a First Watch Games dev confirmed that Rogue Company might also be getting something akin to a 2v2 mode. Such a mode was actually playable during the alpha phase of the game, under the name Wingman. It may also be possible that we get an entirely new game mode that pits duos against each other. In addition to First Watch bringing back Wingman, I would also like to see them bring back Extraction, another 4v4 game mode similar to Demolition.


One route that First Watch Games could also take is adding some simple and casual elimination style game modes. While Strikeout could be likened to a Team Deathmatch style mode, it feels more like a King of the Hill, with how vital the objective is for winning matches. HiRez have stated that they want to experiment with many kinds of game modes, with most of them likely arriving to Rogue Company the form of Limited Time Modes.

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