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New Rogue Company operator Sigrid explained

Sigrid is a former special forces operator from Europe who is joining the playable cast of Rogue Company. Her kit focuses on leading assaults and breaking through enemies’ defenses. Here is everything we know so far about Sigrid in Rogue Company.


Singrid will be able to equip the D40-C SMG – previously exclusive to Chaac – and the S12 Tactical Shotgun. Both these weapons are best at close range and will be great for breaching enemy lines. Her secondary weapon is the Warrant, a semi auto pistol. The Throwing Axe is her melee weapon.

Her two gadgets are the Semtex and Adrenaline Shot. The Semtex is a throwable that sticks to surfaces and people before exploding. Adrenaline Shot is a new gadget, which applies a small heal, starts health regeneration instantly, and gives a small speed boost. We do not know the upgrades for Adrenaline Rush yet.

Sigrid’s Active Ability is Ballistic Shield: she equips a shield that blocks incoming damage from the front. However, her feet are exposed when she is moving. Her Passive Ability is Athletic, which makes her immune to slows, and lets her move faster when crouched.

Sigrid’s perk selection is Evade, Shredder Rounds, Nimble Hands, Tenacity, Tracker Rounds and Lifeline. Nimble Hands will be a must-pick because the D40-C has one of the slowest reloads in the game. Tenacity will allow her to be tankier against explosives, which is strong against Rogues like Dima. Sigrid is the second Rogue to get the perk Lifeline, which we have only seen on Dahlia so far.

Where will she fit?

Sigrid may become a strong tank and breacher on offense. Her Ballistic Shield will allow her to soak up damage and create an opening for her team. Her Passive will also make her a counter to Trench’s Barbed Wire and any rogue with the Tear Gas Grenade.

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