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Rogue Company developer pays for fan’s tattoo

Hi-Rez’s tactical shooter Rogue Company is still in its infancy, slowly establishing itself on the scene and building a community in the process. And while the Rogue Company playerbase isn’t quite as big as that of games like Valorant or Warzone just yet, their fans are a very dedicated and enthusiastic crowd. One such fan recently got a Rogue Company tattoo, prompting a really wholesome exchange with the game’s developers.

Steamer and Rogue Company player DramatiiCat recently got a tattoo of the Rogue Company logo, and tweeted out a photo of it. Lead designer Scott “Gandhi” Lussier responded to the tweet, expressing how humbled he was, and offering to pay for the tattoo.

The original tweet has since been deleted, but you can see the conclusion of the exchange above. Along with the money for the tattoo, Lussier sent a message expressing his gratitude, and a couple of words on his hopes for Rogue Company to be a game that connect people, tied together with a quote by Carl Jung.

Lussier has been the public face of Rogue Company on social media, regularly running polls with players, and sharing development updates and off-beat commentary with the game’s community.

What’s next for Rogue Company?

After two lengthy testing phases, Rogue Company is hitting its stride with a regular update schedule and a lot of improvements on the way. Next up is the upcoming ranked mode, which will in all likelihood set the stage for a proper esports infrastructure down the line. We are also eager to see more of Rogue Company‘s rumored story campaign, Incursion.

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