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Rogue Company melee combat and weapons guide

Rogue Company has a lot of cool guns, but you will often find yourself in close quarters situations where the best gun may be a baseball bat. Melee combat in this tactical shooter is an integral part of the gameplay, and every Rogue has access to a dedicated melee weapon.

All melee weapons in Rogue Company cost 4000 to buy and 4000 to fully upgrade, so they are a very cheap investment. Melee weapons have swing damage of 40 and throw damage of 100, with two exceptions. Ronin’s knife deals 45 swing damage if she is holding it when she melees, although she throws normal punches when she quick-melee’s while holding a gun. Scorch’s combat prosthetic, Rosie, deals 45 base damage, and for obvious reasons cannot be thrown.

Rogue Company melee weapons

The Baseball bat is the strongest close quarters weapon. Upgrades give it longer lunge range, and swing damage of 65. Rosie performs similarly to the bat: when upgraded it has a longer swing range, deals 55 damage per hit, and sets targets on fire.

When upgraded, the Throwing axe has increased throw speed and throw damage of 150. This makes it the strongest throwable melee weapon in Rogue Company, able to 1hko enemies regardless of their perks or abilities; the only exception would be Chaac, if he stimmed right before getting hit.

The Katana is a hybrid melee weapon, strong when swung or thrown but not perfect at either. With upgrades the Katana gets swing damage of 50 and throw damage of 125.

Without a weapon equipped, quick melee deals 35 damage per hit and makes a fantastic finisher. Two-tapping a downed enemy ensures they bleed out in the next couple of seconds, so don’t waste ammo on them if you are close enough to swing. Chaac is the notable exception, since he is tougher when downed, and you should absolutely try to finish him off unless you want to deal with him again 5 seconds later when he self-revives.

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