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Rogue Company season pass and rewards explained

2020 was a big year for Rogue Company, but 2021 is looking bigger and better. At the Jan. 7 Hi-Rez Showcase, the developers of Rogue Company announced that they will be adding a season pass. Here is what you need to know about the season pass coming to Rogue Company.

When is the Rogue Company season pass coming?

The season pass will be coming with the launch of Season 1, which is slated for release in February. Along this we will be getting a new Rogue, Kestrel, a fashion icon from India. Not much is known about her kit, but we do know she will utilize drones that can drop explosives on her enemies.

Rogue Company Kestrel season pass battle

We’ll also be getting a new map called the Hollows, which is a secret Jackal base in the South Pacific. There are also a total of 8 new Rogues planned for release in 2021.

What are the rewards?

As with most other games with battle passes, the Rogue Company season pass will have a free track and a premium paid track. On the free track players will be able to earn sprays, weapon wraps, and Rogue Bucks. Purchasing the premium track immediately unlocks the One Shot, One Kill Fixer outfit, along with adding other earnable cosmetics. At rank 50 you will unlock the legendary Scorch outfit, Hellfire Protocol.

How many season passes will there be?

While only Season 1 was announced, battle passes will almost certainly become a recurring thing in Rogue Company. Hi-Rez’s other titles also run battle passes, which usually last around 8 weeks each. Using that as a general time frame for Rogue Company, we can probably expect to have 4 – 6 battle passes each year.

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