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The best Rogue Company community memes so far

Rogue Company can be a pretty divisive game. On one hand it is fun and has really smooth third-person combat with interesting characters and abilities. On the other hand, the community can be toxic, servers can be shoddy, and you may just have an overall bad time. Memes fix all of that, though.

I should preface that it took quite a bit of searching for these memes. I assumed the subreddit would be helpful, and it sort of was, but its mostly either complaints or clips of semi-spiced gameplay. So here’s what I cherry-picked from that rotten orchard…

Protocol 3: Protect the bomb from RogueCompany

Sounds about right. Rogue Company needs stop dancing around with that Transformer on Vice, and just straight up introduce Titans mechs. Ramp up the crazy.

In my last match, the whole enemy team left when we were 4-1 from RogueCompany

See, this is what we want to see guys! We want wholesome memes that praise the good parts of the community rather than complaining about the bad parts. Do keep complaining though, we seriously need to fix the leaver problem. Complaints fix problems, just like in Apex. Oh wait.

Talon’s new skin is great. from RogueCompany

See okay, I get it, Talon is kinda fine. But why the f**k is he so GREASY. I mean it doesn’t even look like sweat at this point, it looks like he slathered himself in baby oil.

Every time. Every single time. from RogueCompany

This actually may be my favorite meme here. Not only is it relatable, but this man can end your whole career with one button. Also if you don’t love Wallace and Gromit don’t talk to me.

gl1tch is underrated from RogueCompany

Saint Mains Be Like… from RogueCompany

To be fair, some Saints do try. But at that point it comes down to so many other things. Blind drone revives usually end with you getting gunned down anyway.

Inspired by a post by u/reverted53 from RogueCompany

Out of all the Dallas comparisons, I really do think this one is the most on point.

How it feels to forget you’re not playing Anvil and get flashed. from RogueCompany

Not what I expected, but totally welcome nonetheless.

Playing against Ronin as Phantom in a nutshell from RogueCompany


Gl1tch is the hackerman from RogueCompany

This one is purely here because of my love of Mr.Robot, Kung Fury and LED masks.

Idk how to do titles from RogueCompany

I have nothing for this. It’s just true.

sick move right there from RogueCompany

No reviving allowed saint. from RogueCompany

Am I the only one that never sees a Gl1tch actually being useful with their ability? I swear I just never see them activate the thing, whether it’s their fault or whether they somehow have nobody to hack. I just never see it man.

Hi-Rez right now be like: from RogueCompany

Rogue Company saint

I’m really glad that Gl1tch is the face of memes for Rogue Company. I wish they would somehow give him a Wrench voice pack.

Time for me to get a team from RogueCompany

I mean. Yeah.

Ya know, I had a few more memes I wanted to add here, but sadly they’ve been removed. Just imagine you are laughing at least 0.2 times harder than you were already.

That’s it! As of October 2020, these are our picks for the best Rogue Company community memes. Let us know in the comments if you want to see more of these, and we will collect more community memes for you in the future. Though let’s be honest, the community – as with all competitive games – is the real meme here.

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